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Message from the Founder

In a country of 1.3 billion people with the highest youth population in the world, the defence services are struggling to get adequate candidates to join as officers.

Isn’t this ironic?

Though there are lakhs of boys and girls applying for officer posts, the Services Selection Board (SSB) is not able to select the required numbers. Does that mean that most of those who are applying are not good enough?

In my 3 years of experience as a GTO in 33 Services Selection Board and 11 years of training defence aspirants, I have often seen that most of them fail due to a lack of understanding about the qualities they need to possess to be successful service officers. As a trainer, I have seen hundreds of them make it once they get clarity on what to inculcate and how to project their qualities in the right manner in the various tests that are conducted in the SSB, and hence I conclude that while most of them have it in them, it is just a lack of understanding about the process and the desired qualities that makes them unable to reach the mark.

Mission of AFPA


To be the best defence preparatory academy in the nation.

Selection process

To make the defence aspirants aware of the selection process followed in the defence services.


To make the defence aspirants aware of the qualities that are essential in a defence officer.


Enable the defence aspirants to understand their own weaknesses.

Develop Personality

To provide defence aspirants with an approach on how to develop their personalities to be successful in the SSB and also do well in their careers.

The AFPA Team

AFPA Gallery

The AFPA Team

Cdr. Dr. N.K Natarajan (Retd.)


Col. Sachit


Col. Prashant Kamath (Retd.)


Wg. Cdr. Rajagopal (Retd.)


Col. Rahul Gowardhan (Retd.)


Air Commodore Sanjeev Gosewade


Ashok Kumar Thamburaj

AFPA Psych Technique Trainer

Col. Tarun Mitra (Retd)

AFPA Psych Technique Trainer

Col P K Gaur(Retd)

Group Testing Trainer

Colonel Rakesh Nair (Retd)

Interview Assessment Trainer

Lt Col Mahesh Gupte (Retd)


Col. Ravi Nair


Col Sachit Sardana (Retd.)


Gp. Captain D K Tanwar (Retired)


Gp Capt G Senthil Kumar (Retd)

Psychological Assessment Trainer

Captain Godara (Retd.)

Group Testing Technique Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions


Dear Aspirant,

If 24 hours have passed and you have not yet received the registration confirmation email, we kindly ask you to email the following details to This will enable us to send you the batch confirmation message via WhatsApp:

1. Your Name as it appears on your application which you submitted.

2. The batch you have selected.

3. Your WhatsApp number for the confirmation message.

4. The date of your registration.

Before sending us an email, we kindly request you to check your spam box. It’s possible that the registration confirmation email may have been filtered there.

Thank you for your assistance. Please give us 24 hours in order to process your request once you send the email.

Best regards

1. Limiting the class size to 50 students enables assessors to provide individualized attention to each student, fostering a more focused learning environment.

2. Conducting activities in groups of 10, as practiced in the actual SSB, enhances comprehension and facilitates personalized feedback for students, ultimately promoting a more effective learning experience.

  • GTO training is done in small groups of 10 students, which enables better understanding of the tests by the students and enables the assessors to give complete and individual feedback.
  • Students are provided multiple practise sessions to boost their confidence and enhance their performance levels.
  • The proximity of the ground enables students to spend as much time as they want to practise and internalise the concepts and principles.
  • The GTO ground in AFPA is designed to teach concepts rather than solutions.
  • The designs of the tasks enable not only the understanding of the basic principles but also the various possible variations one may come across.

Participation in individual obstacles and GOR will not be permitted for individuals found to be overweight. This policy is non-negotiable.

Please click here to refer to the document and determine if you meet the criteria to participate in IO and GOR.

1. The SSB Training Program at AFPA has a total fee of Rs. 25,000. To secure your spot, a registration fee of Rs. 7,000 is required at the time of enrollment, with the remaining balance due upon your arrival at the academy.

2. The comprehensive fee covers various amenities, including transportation to and from the railway station on the reporting and the departure day on timings as specified, lodging, meals, study materials, and the entire training program.

3. Kindly be aware that registration fees is eligible for a refund only if a cancellation request is submitted 14 days before the course’s commencement via our official email address It’s important to note that even if the cancellation is made 14 days in advance, there will be a cancellation charge of Rs. 2,000.

4. Regrettably, we do not offer refunds for the registration fee if the cancellation is not made at least 14 days before the course begins. Additionally, please keep in mind that we do not manually accommodate batch changes. If students wish to switch to a different batch, they will need to cancel their existing registration and complete a new registration process.

1. At AFPA, we firmly believe in the adage that a sound mind dwells in a healthy body. We understand that nutrition plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy body, and thus, we prioritize the well-being of our patrons by meticulously curating our culinary offerings. Our commitment lies in crafting not just delicious but also nutritious meals.

2. We invite you to explore our thoughtfully designed meal plan for the upcoming 14 days. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with a dining experience that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your body, ensuring you have the energy and vitality you need to thrive. Discover the delectable and health-conscious options awaiting you in our AFPA meal plan.

1. At AFPA, we understand that our aspiring students are eager to learn through practical experience, making hands-on training an integral part of our approach. To facilitate effective learning and comprehensive assimilation, we employ a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:10. This ratio ensures that our instructors can conduct various activities and assessments multiple times, allowing us to provide individualized attention and valuable feedback.

2. Moreover, for all Group Testing (GTO) tasks, we intentionally keep the group size limited to just 10 students. This deliberate choice enables us to offer personalized guidance and support to each participant. We believe that individual attention is a key component in fostering a successful learning experience and ensuring the best outcomes for our students.”


The hostel buildings are on campus. Each non-AC room will be shared by 4-6 candidates, depending on the room’s size. The hostels have a main gate to ensure the security of students. The hostels have firefighting equipment for emergencies and are also under CCTV surveillance. The hostel for girls is separate from that for boys. Girls are allotted rooms in the assessor’s complex for better safety.