Ashok kumar, Ex-scientist 'C'


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Unlock the secrets to success in your SSB interview with this comprehensive guide authored by an Ex Scientist C from Defence Institute for Psychological Research. In this book, you’ll discover simple yet powerful strategies to excel in the psychological test, backed by real responses from candidates to help you grasp the concepts effortlessly.

Introducing "Psychology for the SSB Interview" - Your Essential Guide to Mastering Psychological Tests!

Each chapter is packed with step-by-step tactics and behavioral modification tools, providing you with a winning edge at the SSB. The most unpredictable part, the picture perception and discussion test, is explained in a unique and easy-to-understand manner, empowering you to perform at your best without feeling envious of other candidates.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your performance and increase your chances of success in the SSB. Grab your copy of “Psychology for the SSB Interview” today and pave your way to triumph!

Psychlogy SSB Book Features

Tap into 17 years of experience and expertise from qualified expert in psychometric assessment, personality profiling and training of students to do well in SSB psychological tests.

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Discover the secret about the conduct and assessment pattern of the psychological tests in detail

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