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Comdt. Yogesh Dutta (Retd.)

AFPA Psych Technique Trainer

Commandant Yogesh Dutta is a seasoned and experienced veteran with two and a half decades of distinguished service with the Indian Coast Guard.

In his chequered and illustrious career, the officer has held several prestigious and coveted appointments ranging from operations, management, human resource development, and strategic planning and implementation. He has the distinction of commanding the hovercraft twice and has achieved proficiency in every facet of this modern and state-of-the-art combat platform.

Commandant Dutta is a qualified psychologist with a master’s in clinical or applied psychology from Annamalai University.

He has been a certified psychologist and assessor for the selection process of officers and has trained a large number of psychologists in the method of assessment in the service selection board.

Commandant Dutta brings to Team AFPA his unique and seasoned experience and has added tremendous value to the training process. His innate ability to quickly and accurately discern the areas of improvement in candidates and propel them into the correct method of evaluating and overcoming these flaws renders him a valuable resource person capable of transforming underconfident and potential candidates into front runners in any selection process.