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Cdr. Sudarshan Chakrapani

Interview Assessment Trainer

An alumnus of the National Defence Academy, CDR. Chakrapani is a veteran Sea-Faber, having served the Indian Navy for over 2.5 decades. In his illustrious career, the officer has contributed to the commissioning of submarines and commanded a missile corvette.

A graduate of the Defence Services Staff College. He has held very important, coveted, and sensitive staff and instructional appointments at almost all the important Naval stations.

A qualified assessor from the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, Timarpur, New Delhi (DIPR) has had first-hand experience assessing over 1,000 candidates at the selection centres in Allahabad and Bangalore.

Cdr. Chax is also a technocrat, having served in the corporate (TECH-MAHINDRAI) sector for over a decade, conceptualising and evolving several far-reaching automations and strategic initiatives for his organisation.

This wide-ranging experience across the job spectrum renders him an ideal interviewing officer for the personal interview sessions of the 558.

He has the ability to quickly identify the flaws in every candidate and suggest valuable measures to overcome those flaws. Many candidates have benefited from his interaction and have gone on to crack the SSB interview.

AFPA offers a unique opportunity by providing an interface for interaction with Cdr. Chax and exploiting this rare skill set.

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