Many SSB aspirants are quite confused about Will Backlogs create problem in SSB Interview or whether they are allowed to go for SSB interview if they have a backlog.

To clear this confusion, this article tries to enlighten you about different criteria for different entries you’ve applied for:

SSB Interview and Backlogs:


Even if you have backlogs (which were cleared in the final year), you are still eligible for CDSE and can apply for the same.

After clearing the CDSE written exam, you can appear for the SSB interview. If by chance, you get recommended, you have to show the proof of clearing the backlogs as per the given dates.

  • If you are still studying in the Final semester or final year of a degree course who are yet to pass final Exam, you can apply for CDSE. Only condition is that, you must not have any active backlogs up until last semester/year. Results for the same must be declared up until the time of submitting the CDSE application.

You will have to submit the proof of passing the degree course (with no active backlogs) that will reach the IHQ (Integrated Headquarters) of Ministry of Defense before joining.

Navy Direct Entries:

Navy Direct Entries are shortlisted candidates who are selected on the basis of their overall percentage.

Hence, no active backlogs are allowed for these entries.

  • Navy has been always keeping a high cut-off percentage for selection
  • Sometimes, the branch does not even allow candidates with a history of backlogs (even if they were cleared).

TGC and SSC-tech:

For TGC and SSC-tech entries, you can apply with active backlogs. However, you first need to be eligible for the same with TGC and SSC-tech cut-off percentage.


Candidates with active backlogs are not allowed to go for an AFSB interview.

  • Candidates who are still studying in the final semester/year of a Degree course can apply, only condition being that they should NOT have any active backlogs and need to have declared result of minimum 60% marks up until last semester/year.

NDA Exam:

  • Candidates who have passed 12th Class under the Class 10 + 2 pattern of School Education or similar examination held by a University or State Education Board can apply for NDA exam.
  • Candidates who are still applying for Class 12 under Class 10 + 2 pattern of School Education or similar examination conducted by a University or State Education Board can also apply for NDA exam.

To join NDA, you need to pass Class 12. You can appear for SSB interview whilst studying in Class 12 or after passing Class 12.

NCC Special Entry:

According to last notification regarding NCC Special Entry-44, there is no mention of backlogs.

  • If you are eligible for other criteria mentioned, you can apply and go for the SSB interview, even with active backlog.

Other Entries:

Candidates need to thoroughly read the advertisement regarding the SSB interview of particular entry. Submit all the required documents according to the given dates in the ad.

  • If you are not able to submit original documents before joining the training academy, you are considered as a candidate on bond basis.
  • Such candidates will be given extra time to submit their original documents. CDSE entries support this norm.

Problems created due to Backlogs:

  • Backlogs can reduce your chances of getting selected in SSB interview.
  • You might be bombarded with questions regarding your backlogs during Personal Interview.
  • Backlogs create problems whilst submitting original documents in time.
  • Entries which have criteria of complete graduation won’t allow candidates with backlog. That’s because your graduation is not really complete with active backlogs.