There are many people who have aced the AFCAT exam, and they claim that it wasn’t quite as hard as many people might think it is. Talking to these people, you can always get to learn certain strategies, which will help you do well on the exam as well. For scoring high and for passing the exam, practice is the key. However, as you keep practicing, you’ll realise that there is a certain pattern to how the test is attempted, and once you can learn to follow through with that pattern with a few strategies, a high score is definitely guaranteed! Following are the 4 main tips that toppers gave for acing the AFCAT exam:

  • Skip over the harder questions:

This is a major problem encountered by many question. You might come across a hard question, a question you don’t know the answer to, and you might spend a lot of time trying to dig the question up from somewhere. This would basically equal wasting time, because you’ll definitely be jeopardising the time and giving up on the questions that you know, and appear later in the exam. The best thing to do would be to skip over them for the time being, and then come back to them in the end if you have any time left!

  • Calculation in Math:

Everyone knows that the Math in the AFCAT exam is much easier than that in other exams, which is why it shouldn’t be hard to ace Math at all. However, as there is a certain curriculum set for the content of the math exam, you should know all the formulas associated with the topics, and not just that but you should also have a great speed for doing calculation, because that is the one area where people might start lagging behind, consequently not being able to complete the paper. You should also practice to perform calculations swiftly and with 0 errors.

  • There is Negative Marking:

Like all of the other examinations, the AFCAT exam also has negative marking. Encircling the wrong answer might cost you extra marks, which is why you should only answer the questions you are very certain about. If you aren’t certain about a question, leaving it would be the best choice, because then you won’t be losing too many marks, and would still secure enough. You should tread carefully, and you shouldn’t try to guess and select answers.

  • Observe what’s going on around you:

One thing that will help you a lot; knowing what is happening around you. Watch the news channel, or read the newspaper on a daily basis; basically, any source that can tell you the situation in your country. All of this will be of immense help when you attempt the General Knowledge section, in which they will test whether you’re vigilant and care about your surroundings or not. Most of the people appear to be weak on this section particularly, but you can surpass them easily if you try to know what’s up around you!

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