UPSC conducts Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam two times in a year. Through CDS, students are recruited into Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Indian Air Force Academy and OTA. Candidates who crack CDS exam have to further go through SSB interview for selection in respective academies.

Candidates who apply for OTA (Officers Training Academy) have to give only:
  • English and General Knowledge exam

Whereas, for other 3 academies, you need to appear for:

  • English, GK and Mathematics exam.

All of the exam papers will have objective type questions.

To crack CDS exam, one needs to be focused, invest time and work hard. If you have determination towards cracking CDS, you are certainly going to make it!

Top 3 Tips to clear CDS exam:

  1. Prepping up for English Exam:

Syllabus for CDS is quite broad and you need to start preparing ASAP! English section comprises synonyms, antonyms, grammar & vocabulary, jumbled sentences, finding errors, comprehension & ordering of sentences. You need to practice these questions as much as you can to score good marks.

  • Hone up your basics of English language. Go through the rules of phrases, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, tenses and so on.
  • Solve question papers of previous years
  • Don’t just read, write all the newly-learned English words. Speak in English daily to have command over the language.
  1. Sharpening up your General Knowledge:

GK topics range from Science, Political Science, Current Affairs, Geography and History. As mentioned before, you need to have your basics clear regarding Science subjects (Physics, Biology and Chemistry).

  • Try to go through several sources to get knowledge of Current Affairs/Current news. Get to know current news on national and international affairs, financial news, sports, government scheme, currencies, Budget plan, etc.
  • In Political Science section, know basic things about legislature, Judiciary & Executive division of our Constitution.
  • For History section, the syllabus is divided into Ancient, Medieval and Modern history. Cover the ancient topics of revolutionary movements, tenures, general, governor, etc.
  1. Practice is the only way to score in Mathematics Exam:

The more you practice, the more you are going to get correct answers in Mathematics.

  • Keep track of time. The questions in Mathematics are lengthy and you need to solve them without taking too much time.
  • Practice questions of Trigonometry
  • Most of the questions in Mathematics exam will be on LCM, HCF, Decimal Fractions, Time and Work, Profit & Loss, Geometry, Ratio & Proportions, Number system, Percentage, Mean/Median/Mode, Unitary Method, Time & Distance, etc. So, take mock tests and solve such questions repeatedly.

Common Tips to crack CDS Exam:

  • English and Mathematics are 2 main subjects here, so make sure you have strong knowledge of it and practice daily. Candidates are more likely to score high in these two exams than GK.
  • Learn to manage time. Try to solve previous years question papers and time yourself.
  • Solve easy questions first quickly and dedicate most of the time for difficult questions during the exam.
  • Prepare a schedule and stick to it sincerely. Make sure to give at least 3 to 4 weeks of time for revision before the final date of exam.
  • Take mock tests online

Final Words:

Accuracy and speed are two key factors to crack CDS Exam. You need to have good command over English language and increase your level of general awareness. Not to mention, read newspapers, books, magazines and browse through different sources online