The very initial part of the SSB Interview is the Screening Test. This test is considered highly important as your performance in this test will determines whether you can go on to appear in the next tests. Passing this test is what will lead you to the next levels of the interview, which is why candidates appearing in this test can end up being quite nervous. For this reason, following are some of the essential tips you can use to really be confident, and fight off the nervousness, so that you can give your best during the screening test.


This is an extremely vital tip, because practice gives you a confidence boost like nothing else can. Make sure to go over everything in the same way that it is done in the actual interview, so that you know what is going to happen there, and you don’t feel panicked or uncertain.

For the IOR, you can use several books to improve your reasoning abilities, while for the PPDT part of the interview, you can challenge yourself with certain different exercises, and evaluate your performance through them. You can even imagine a scenario on your own and write a story about it. To gain confidence when it comes to discussing your story in front of hundreds of people, you can ask your friends or family to sit around you and help you test your spoken skills.

If you can easily perform well when it comes to the practice, you will have the confidence that you will perform just as well in the actual test too.

Take Advantage of the break:

After you’re done with writing your story, you will be given the chance to take a break of about 5-10 minutes, after which the discussion will continue. You can easily utilize this break to calm yourself down, and to also prepare yourself for what’s coming next. You can tell yourself several things, recall several things, and give yourself a good pep talk. This can be a huge confidence booster, and taking the rest will help you be your best during the discussion.

  1. Try to mingle around:

In the time when you are being directed from one place to another, or your free time, you can always try to make friends amongst the other candidates. Everyone knows that talking in front of a crowd full of complete strangers can be much harder than talking in front of a few friends, whom you know. This way, you’ll be less nervous, and will get a confidence boost whenever you look around and find familiar faces in the crowd.

Don’t differentiate:

Sometimes, you might look at other people and think how they aren’t nervous at all. That is completely wrong, because everyone is worried about themselves, and if you look around yourself and think that everyone feels the same as you, you’ll be much better at your performance.

If you learn these tips by heart, and prepare in the best way possible, you will be able to nail the SSB Interview effortlessly!