A fresher’s mind is filled with fear and anticipation before appearing for an SSB interview. The anticipation of what’s going to be asked to them and the fear of rejection can make the candidate really tensed.  A fresher must do his research before going for an interview from various sources both reliable and non-reliable. The best feeling for a fresher would be to get selected in the SSB Interview on the very first try, which is not always possible. Here are a few things a fresher must know before an SSB interview to keep his best foot forward without worrying too much about the results:


Point No 9 – A Must Read 
  1. Officer Intelligence Rating or OIR test is a really important part of the selection for the next round. You must be well prepared before an OIR test because in some centers OIR’s are very difficult.
  2. Proper clothing is considered to be a plus point but it’s not a necessity. Wearing decent formal clothes would improve your chances. If you have skills you can get selected even if you come in jeans.
  3. Ability to listen and understand is really important. The officer would only provide you with half the information of what they want to test you for. They expect you to understand what they didn’t say. So you have to concentrate on what they say.
  4. In group discussion what you speak is more important than how much you speak. Keep your speech precise and to the point. Be clear with what you want to convey to the group. Your ability to convince a group of people shows your leadership ability which is a must to be selected in SSB Interview.
  5. Interviewing officers are not your friends. They might be kind and funny at times but don’t get too friendly with them cause that’s what they want to test whether you can get distracted or not. Keep a smile on your face but don’t laugh as you do with your friends.
  6. Teamwork is the key. Speaking first is not always guaranteed to get you selected but speaking for the team would tell others about your leadership quality which is something that is needed in every candidate.
  7. Interviewing officers would try to pressurize you and put you under stress by asking twisted questions or being strict. Don’t be anxious if something like this happens as they want to test you if you can handle pressure or not. They want to make sure you can work to the best of your ability under pressure.
  8. Be gentle, kind yet focused. You’re not expected to be a hard nut all the time. They want you to be able to work hard but also with a gentle and humble behavior. You’re supposed to stay gentle and focused on all the phases before and after the interview.
  9. Be confident. This goes without saying confidence is something which is a must. If a person cannot believe in himself how is he supposed to help others? A confident candidate always makes a good first impression and increases his chances of getting selected.