The SSB interview includes a lot of questions which test your basic and conceptual knowledge. In this way, they make sure that you understand the basics of everything, and that you truly know everything by heart. The same is the case with computer sciences. The interview won’t be going into technical details, but the basics should be known by everyone who is willing to go and make a good impression. Following are the 12 main questions that will be asked of you in the field of computer science in the SSB Interview.

1.What is meant by the DBMS System?

Answer: It is the combination of a database along with a DBMS Software.

2.What is meant by a DML Compiler?

Answer: A compiler which will be translating DML statements into the lower-level language.

3.In what ways can you store data in files?

Answer: Either in text format, or in binary format.

4.What is meant by C and C++?

Answer: C is basically a high-level programming language, and C++ derived from this particular language. There is similar syntax, but you can really make objects with codes in the C++ language.

5.What is the basic use of the C language?

Answer: The C language is basically used to develop system software, applications, games, compilers and many other kinds of software.

6.What does BIOS stand for ?

Answer: It stands for Basic Input Output System. The most important fundamentals of the computer are controlled by this, and a system will be unable to start without this. The communication between the system and the components won’t be taking place if the BIOS won’t exist.

7.What does the cascade mean in terms of the Windows?

Answer: It is basically an option in Windows which will organise all the windows that are open in a way so that everything is visible and easily accessible.

8.What is it meant by Backward Compatible?

Answer: Backward Compatible is basically meant by the action of software when it gains access and uses the files from the previous version of itself.

9.What are the types of system software?

Answer: The types of system software include operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, drivers, utility software and word processors.

10.What is an OS?

Answer: An OS stands for an Operating System, and it is basically responsible for the management of all the resources, including hardware and software, of the computer, along with providing a common service to all the computer programmes.

11.What are the names of the logic gates?

Answer: There are basically 7 logic gates, which include AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR and XNOR.

12.What is meant by Trojan?

Answer: Trojan is basically a malware that has been designed by the cyber thieves. It comes being disguised in the form of software, and it then reaches into the computer and gets access to the system and all the information.
Learning all of these questions and their answers will prove to be of great help on the day of the interview.