Rapid fire questions are a set of 10 to 15 questions asked by IO in a sequence and candidate is expected to answer them in the same order.

Many candidates might find it difficult to answer these questions because they don’t know how to handle it and how to remember the sequence.

This article will help you to understand the technique of Rapid fire questions and how to face them. Here I won’t tell you what to answer, rather will enlighten you on how to answer.

Purpose of Rapid Fire Questions:

IO will first make sure you are comfortable enough and then begin with rapid fire questions. His aim is to ask you 10 to 15 questions at one go.

  • He might interrupt you in between your answers
  • You are expected to answer all the questions with same speed and order

A Candidate is expected to be quick, audible and confident. Rapid fire questions can be related to your friends, education, family, your teachers, subjects, sports you like, your interests, etc.

All of the questions are simple and easy to answer. Everything asked is based upon the info provided in your PIQ form and Self-description test.

Rapid Fire questions are asked to judge your overall personality, mental stamina, power of expression, patience, logical reasoning, confidence and grasping ability.

Trick to tackle Rapid Fire Questions

  • Keep your hands on your thighs and count the number of questions on your fingers, without being noticed by the IO. This is to only remember the number of questions.

Practice this trick before actually trying it out during the interview. Only then, you will be able to implement it precisely.

  • Listen to the IO very attentively. Categorize the questions in your mind and start answering them one-by-one.

You need to practice this trick to be efficient during the actual interview.

  • It is okay if you forget a few questions, but try to stick to the same order in which IO asked the questions.
  • If you are able to answer more than 10 questions in the same sequence out of all 5 questions, you will be good. IO just wants to check your memory and presence of mind.
  • All you need to display is that you can retain information under pressure.

Example of Rapid Fire Questions:

Following is an example of rapid-fire questions based on educational background:

  1. Tell me a number of subjects you had in 10th Standard
  2. Which was your favourite subject?
  3. Which subject did you not like?
  4. Who was your favourite teacher?
  5. Your aggregate marks in 10th class
  6. What was your routine during 10th class?
  7. Tell me same things about 12th Class
  8. Tell me about the institution where you graduated
  9. Tell me about your graduation years
  10. Did you give any competitive exams after 12th or graduation? Result?

In between your answers, IO might ask you many counter questions to these questions and after answering them, you are expected to continue with the sequence.