The Sainik School Entrance Exam is mostly taken by children from the 6th and 9th Grade. These admission tests can be tough, and might require a little bit of preparation, so that you can give your best. If you’re one of the students who wish to give a Sainik School Entrance Exam, and do not know where to start, you are at the right place. Preparation for the exam is vital, but doing it right is even more so. Following are few of the tips you can follow to make sure that you prepare yourself for this test in the best way possible.

  1. Keep Yourself Organized:

It is important to follow a particular pattern, such as a timetable. You must schedule things down, and then religiously do everything according to it. This will help you fall into a routine, and you will be able to do everything on time, and the right way. An organized day will help you focus on your studies in a much better way, and you will be able to balance all kinds of activities during the day, to make it as productive as possible.

  1. Keep Out Time for Entertainment:

While setting your schedule, never forget to set aside some time for your own entertainment. This can include watching Television, going out to play with friends or using your mobile phone. However, these will be set strictly on your schedule, and you will then have to do all of your tasks according to the schedule. You will only play or watch television in the time set, and during your study hours, you will not be going near any source of entertainment. This will help you stay away from distractions, but also save out some time to enjoy and balance your life.

  1. Take Frequent Breaks During Studying:

Research has shown that your mind retains information in a much better way if you are able to take breaks frequently during your studying hours. This will give your brain the rest it needs, as well as enough time to absorb and store all of the information that you have studied so far.

  1. Health is Important:

If your body will be healthy, so will be your brain, and so will be your learning ability. Don’t forget to exercise a little just before studying, so that your brain wakes up and is vigilant while you are studying. Also take a rich source of protein and some carbohydrates, it can be bananas or other foods you like. This can give your brain a necessary boost to work harder.

  1. Get Help When Needed:

Like every other student, you might end up being stuck at some place, and then you might need guidance from someone to pass that obstacle. Never hesitate to ask for clarification if you are unable to understand something from anyone. It can be your teacher, parent or a sibling.

Finally, the most important thing that you must have in yourself is complete determination, and a strong willpower to get through the study schedule, and succeed at the end.