Majority of the NDA aspirants just start preparation without any proper plan or step-by-step schedule. With no such precise planning, one might fail to cover major topics of the entire syllabus. So, here we will elucidate step-by-step study plan needed to clear NDA exam, based on every subject.

Step 1: Know the complete syllabus:

  • You should know the complete syllabus of NDA exam and what all topics are to be covered during preparation.
  • Accordingly, you need to look for study material and sources to rely on.

Step 2: Start ASAP and sharpen your basics:

As soon as you get to know the syllabus, start your preparation without any delay.

  • The Primary step is to clear and strengthen your basics. Get to know all the basic concepts, theories, and formulas, right from Standard VI up to IX.
  • Make it a habit to read. Read all kinds of significant materials like GK books, newspapers, magazines, etc. to stack up your knowledge.

Step 3: Improve your English:

If you are not good at English, make sure you learn it first.

  • Read, write and listen to English language as much as you can.
  • Watch English TV series or movies and read their subtitles to improve your vocabulary and sentence formation skills.
  • Likewise, also read English newspapers to learn new words and precise grammar.

Step 4: Get your hands on previous years’ question papers:

What better way to prepare for an exam than to know the nature of questions and pattern of exam?

  • Check previous years questions papers to get an idea of NDA exam
  • Write down the main topics on which these questions are based
  • Divide your time to prepare for every section

Step 5: Start with your poor areas first:

  • Whichever topics you find very hard to solve, try to prepare for them first.
  • For example, if you find topics of Integral calculus or Statistics to be confusing, then start with them first.
  • Clear your basics, learn their formulas/methods and strengthen these topics first. Refer to Class 10th and 12th Mathematics books for a better idea.
  • Then go for the easy topics.
  • NDA mathematics questions are deliberately made confusing to consume your time. So, clearing your basics is very important.

Step 6: Practice will make you perfect:

  • Collect NDA sample question papers and practice them as much as you can.
  • Solve mock question papers online
  • Basically, just keep on practicing and solving as per your capacity.
  • Never prepare for the exam just by reading topics, especially for mathematics section.
  • Practice is a must. You need to do calculations, find out some shortcut methods and also make notes of important concepts/mathematical formulas simultaneously for last-minute reference.

Step 7: Time yourself:

  • Once you cover a majority of the topics, practice time management. NDA Math paper only lasts for 150 minutes.
  • Try to solve simple or tricky mathematics questions in your mind, rather than doing rough work. You will save yourself a lot of time.

Step 8: Preparing for General Ability:

  • Learn basic grammar rules of English and try to improve your vocabulary for synonym/antonym type of questions.
  • Prepare for English section right from the start, as learning grammar and vocabulary requires time.
  • Refer Standard X and XII books for PCB, History, Geography, Economics topics.

Step 9: Refer to different sources:

Don’t just limit yourself to NDA guide books for preparation, but also refer to online sources like e-books, blogs, PDF notes, etc.

By following these steps, you can efficiently prepare yourself for the upcoming NDA exam.