SSB interview procedure is deliberately outlined to assess intelligence and personality of the aspirants. Those who have faced SSB interview will agree to the fact that it is quite unique and interesting in its own way.

As compared to other interview techniques, SSB is very different and is conducted over a period of 4 to 5 days.

Candidates who aspire to join Indian Armed Forces appear for SSB interview either through direct entry or by clearing competitive exams.

Following are some of the unique aspects of SSB interview, which you will not find in any other interview techniques.

  1. Long-lasting Procedure:

SSB interview is conducted over a span of 5 days. Other interviews held for selection of government authorities or even for employees in private firms lasts for only 1 or 2 days.

  • SSB interview procedure is thorough and every candidate’s entire personality is assessed over this period of 5 days.
  1. Deep Analysis of Aspirants:
  • Candidates go through different Physical, Psychological and Intelligent tests in order to signify their OLQs (Officer Like Qualities), especially social skills.
  • SSB selection process is quite thorough and every candidate’s mental, physical and emotional quotient is checked, so much so that there’s no scope of misreading.
  1. Competitive Aura:

Tests such as GTO tasks, Group discussions, etc. are carried out in a group of candidates.

Most of the candidates called for SSB Interview have qualified competitive exam, so all of them are competitive and try to excel in every test with best of their abilities.

  • Especially in Narration and Group Discussions, every candidate tries to come up with a considerate story for PPDT so as to reduce their chances of being screened out.

Unlike any other interview, the competition level amongst students is high and stimulating.

  1. Candidates are well-facilitated:

For SSB candidates to bond well with each other or perform various group activities, the board provides them with all necessary facilities. Such thing can be only experienced in SSB interview and certainly is an encounter for lifetime.

  • Not only does one get deep perspective about their own self, but also get to know how things work at such esteemed platform.
  1. You are certain to face Adventures in Life:
  • SSB Interview is not a simple interview process that just decides your selection or rejection.
  • Rather, it is a comprehensive analysis of your complete personality to check whether you are capable enough to be an Officer, lead others and serve the country with your OLQs or not.

Every Officer in Indian Armed Forces has to have a leadership trait, good decision-making abilities and perform various duties without being negligent. This is just to name a few.

  • Officers in Armed Forces go through various situations where their social, physical and mental abilities are challenged every day. And this is not seen in private or other government jobs.
  • Such experience is only attainable in Indian Armed Forces, which is just a beginning of challenging and adventurous life ahead.
  • Candidates who seek such life and are not afraid to handle the responsibilities that come with such post can opt for Armed Forces.

Final Words:

Armed Forces is not just a job to get. Being an Officer is all about leading a disciplined, thought-provoking and courageous life. Competitiveness and amount of bravery required for such post is unsurpassed.

Young aspirants who want to serve their country whilst holding a good profession can undoubtedly go for Armed Forces. By facing the SSB interview, you will come to know what huge difference it is to opt for Armed Forces and other regular jobs.

Indeed, SSB Interview is once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity that has a lot to teach you.