When candidates are interviewed by the officer they might assume that there is no harm in lying for few questions and joining the armed force. However, the candidate must know that if the officer catches onto your lies, that you have lost an opportunity to join the armed force. Below are few of the techniques used by the IO, in order to catch a liar while interviewing.

1. To know if the candidate is lying or not an officer would start cross-questioning them on a particular topic. This is done in such a way, that the candidate might get aggravated and speak the truth if he was lying all this while.

2. The candidate would definitely get shocked and blurt out the truth when the IO says that he isn’t interested in something that the candidate is speaking about, and asks him to talk about something interesting. The officer does this so that the candidate would explain it in a clear way and bring more transparency to the situation at hand.

3. The most common lie detecting method used in the SSB interview is the Rapid Fire. The officer selects a particular topic and questions the interviewer regarding it. It is easy to detect a liar in this way as the candidate would have to memorize few questions in an order and answer them. This might result in them ranting out the truth and being caught red-handed if they were lying.

4. If the candidate hides, previous attempts made for the SSB interview,  it will definitely be a barrier to receive a chance presently, as the officer may have records of the candidate’s past attempts.

5. When the IO comments something like “Wow! That’s so common presently, Anyways, how were you able to do it? ” The candidate is convinced what he did is right, as a result, he helps the IO distinguish the liars as he starts going into depths on how he did

6. When the candidate is asked to speak on a particular topic like for instance, about his family or friends for around 5 to 10 minutes. Here, he starts elaborating on the topic which will definitely force him to speak the truth as a lengthy lie is a difficult task.

7. When the IO appreciates something the candidate has done before and asks more questions regarding This will lead to confidence on the side of the candidate, as he is appreciated by the IO.  So, he starts explaining each and everything he has done truthfully.

8. The candidate is made to speak the truth by making him feel comfortable. This is done simply by the IO, who asks the candidate to consider him as a friend/father figure and answer without any sorts of hesitation. Due to this, the candidate is motivated to speak frankly and share every scenario, truthfully.

9. If the candidate expresses that he possesses a particular skill, when he really doesn’t, he will definitely be caught when the officer asks to explain the skill with examples. This definitely is hard for the candidate so he will eventually, blurt out the truth.

10. The candidate is made to speak the truth when the IO says that every single person has done it and it isn’t a big deal. This is too commonly done by the officer when he wants to know if the candidate is an addict and has any negative qualities such as drinking, smoking etc.

11. Furthermore, the IO might ask solutions from the candidate for certain situations. This is done, to know how the candidate will deal with the situations according to his point of view. This simply helps the officer to detect if the candidate has spoken truthfully about his qualities.


Conclusion :

It is best if the candidate speaks only what is relevant and be truthful. When speaking the truth the candidate doesn’t have to fear about anything and this leads to confidence in their posture and style of speech. In addition to this, they could make direct eye contact with the officer as well. If you do not speak the truth on the SSB interview, just know that your lie would definitely backfire on you, in the end.