A Boy candidate from Chennai recently got in contact with me and shared his SSB Interview Experience. He got conferenced out in his first attempt from Allahabad, even after taking coaching from a reputed SSB-prep academy.

From what I gathered from his call is that he had excellent communication skills and also gave good performance in psych tests. Why did he fail the SSB interview? Let’s analyse.

His story

He says, he has good command over English language and tried to give value-ridden responses/sentences in psych tests viz. TAT, WAT, SRT, SD. For GD, he had this idea that you need to lead the group and speak more. Since he had good communication skills, he spoke as much as he could on the topic. But the person who actually got selected was the one who gave just 1 or 2 points in GD and remained quiet the other time.

Coming to the Personal Interview, he was asked about regular stuff in rapid fire questions about college, friends, parents, town, etc. He was then asked about GK topics, capitals of some countries, their currencies and some of the international recent happenings. Then the IO goes, “Why do you have low marks in the 3rd year of graduation?”

To which he answered, “I did not give mid-semesters seriously, procrastinated studying and that really burdened me in final exams.”

IO then asked, “How did you redeem yourself in the final year?” He answered, “I regret my attitude in a previous year, so I just tried to be consistent in studies, score average marks in each subject but luckily got good marks in the final year”.

Analysis : 

Mistake no 1:

Not letting other candidates speak during GD:

This is commonly seen amongst candidates who are naturally good speakers and leaders by nature. They get excited during GDs, forgetting that an Officer is the one who listens to others attentively and knows when to speak. But that does not mean you should provide exactly 2 points. NO.

If you have something valid to say, then say it. Otherwise, keep quiet. Do not repeat same things, again and again, do not yell or interrupt others constantly.

Mistake No 2:

Showing regret of past actions negatively:

Even if you score low marks during your graduation years, do not consider it as something traumatic. You need to be optimistic towards every aspect in life. You need to show how low marks proved to be a wake-up call for you and put you back on track. Rather than showing extreme regrets, portray how the incident really evolved you into who you are today.

Giving credits to your LUCK:

Not everything positive that happens in our life is because of luck. Sometimes it’s your own efforts and dedication that help you achieve your goals in life. Giving credits to luck for your good marks is an indirect way of showing low faith in oneself and insincerity towards things in life.

Keep in mind that:

Officers are not perfect human beings. What makes them different from average people is their optimism, willingness to become a better version of themselves, passion towards their aim in life and their disciplined attitude towards everyone in life. And, that is what is checked during SSB interview.