Many times, I get questions from repeaters regarding their likelihood of getting recommended in SSB interview.

Repeaters often wonder whether their chances to crack SSB are less, whether they will be considered incapable as compared to fresher, so on and so forth. To clear all these doubts and answer these questions, I have explained what situations repeaters need to expect at SSB interview.

Clearing a Misconception :

After a comprehensive research, I have found that most of the candidates who get recommended are repeaters and more than half of them are on their second attempt.

What does that imply?

Many times, candidates only get screened out/conferenced out because the first time they were not aware of all the interview tests. So the second time, they come fully prepared and succeed.

It’s a myth that repeaters don’t have much chance to get recommended against fresher. That’s absolutely not true!

All of the candidates (fresher and repeaters altogether) are tested against 15 OLQs. You are either capable of being an Officer or not. Your number of attempts do not really matter.

If assessors see a potential change in your personality, you might get recommended even on your LAST attempt!

What situations/questions Repeaters can expect at SSB interview?

I know many repeaters have this dilemma- What special preparation do I need to do in order to get selected at SSB?

And my answer to that is- Self-introspection and Improvement.

Screened out

It is very important for each and every repeater to analyze and understand where he/she went wrong. If you were screened out, try hard and prepare well for PPDT, especially for Group Discussion.

Work on your communication skills, improve your reasoning abilities/logical thinking and build your vocabulary.

  • Since the whole group will be of repeaters, know that it will be very challenging for you to speak up in GD. Many candidates will come well-prepared and try to speak up ASAP. The real challenge is how you manage to put forward your views amongst these many candidates (around 15 to 18) without being neglected.

Conferenced out:

If you passed screening test, but were conferenced out, then know that you have done something wrong in Psych tests or Personal Interview. Though, the GTOs also have a say in this decision.

Now for your next SSB interview, be prepared for these questions during PI:

  • Why you were not recommended in previous SSB attempts?
  • What quality do you think is lacking in you?
  • What will you do if you get rejected this time as well?
  • What different preparation have you done for this attempt?

Your answers must be ready for these questions. Try not to sound too pessimistic while answering such questions.

These questions are asked to check whether you’ve pondered upon your failure or not; whether you are willing to improve, work hard and inculcate OLQs in yourself or not.

Group Tasks:

Group Tasks are a significant part of SSB interview and many candidates tend to undermine its value. If you are repeater, you will already be familiar with all the hurdles and tests. Take advantage of that and try to be creative and energetic.

  • Go with the team and don’t try to win individually.
  • Since all candidates in the group are repeaters, GTOs might get even more challenging. So be mentally and physically prepared.

Key Takeaways:

  • During self-introspection, if repeaters find that there’s a problem in their core OLQs, know that these qualities cannot be inculcated in you, they ought to be inborn. If this is the case then, just accept that SSB is not for you.
  • Candidates who have crossed five attempts, know that your chances of getting recommended might go on reducing as you will be considered as borderline cases.
  • If you think you will mug up answers in psych tests, you are in for failure. Each and every individual has different psychology, a different perspective and different personality. If what you write in psych tests, does not match up with your personality, you are up for rejection. So, instead of practicing psych tests or mugging up answers, just work on your logical reasoning/effective intelligence.