The SSB interview is a crucial hurdle which candidates have to clear during the selection process. Showcasing a confident personality, ready with and presence of mind is a prerequisite for clearing the interview.

It is very essential that the candidates work on developing certain qualities which will help them to showcase themselves in the best possible manner at the interview.

Here are the TOP 7 TIPS which Candidates can follow to bring out the Brighter Side of their Personalities at the SSB Interview.

  • Self Analysis: A good way of analyzing one’s own self is by maintaining a diary. Candidates can keep a record of their feelings, their objectives and ambitions. Setting certain deadlines for achievement is also a good idea. They can then keep track of their achievements from time to time.
  • Socializing: One of the primary qualities which the IO looks for in a candidate at the SSB Interview is his ability to socialize and adapt to various social circumstances. Hence, all candidates should try and enhance their ability to socialise and deal with different kinds of situations.
  • SWOT Analysis: The SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is something which all SSB Interview candidates should do. Although a complete analysis could take quite some time; doing it is totally worth it. Candidates can get a clear picture about their strength areas and their weaknesses. They can make further improvements based on the results.
  • Develop good speaking and listening skills: Having a good command over English is very essential for SSB Interview candidates. Good English speaking skills surely help candidates fetch brownie points at the interview. It enables candidates to communicate their thoughts effectively. Reading newspapers, books and engaging in English conversation can prove very helpful.

Being a good listener is also very important. Hence, candidates should listen carefully and be more attentive and alert.

  • Have a positive attitude: Candidates should maintain a positive attitude throughout. Even if they fail, they should be optimistic, learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them the next time.
  • Compete with your own self: Developing the zeal to compete with one’s own self is very important. Instead of trying to outdo others, one wise thing to do is to compete with one’s own self and bring about a positive change within. Candidates can set standards for improvement and try their best to achieve them. In this way they will be constantly bettering themselves and success will surely be theirs.
  • Johari analysis: This analysis is based on the Johari window which has four quadrants. Each of the quadrants stands for a particular group of qualities. These qualities are the ones known to one’s own self, known to others, unknown to one’s own self and unknown to others. Candidates can ask others to evaluate them and they can get to know about these qualities. This analysis becomes very helpful for the self-description test.

These tips to bring about self-improvement will surely help candidates in preparing themselves for the SSB interview. A positive change in their personalities will enable them to face the interview with greater confidence and they will definitely be successful.