Many a times, candidates fail SSB interview due to lack of knowledge on test patterns of SSB, poor preparation or poor self-introspection.

To clear SSB interview, it is very important for a candidate to make a strategy and prepare accordingly.

Below I have comprehensively explained how to approach SSB interview with right strategy:

After Screening Stage, SSB interview can be divided into 3 main Stages:

Stage I: Psychological Tests

Stage II: Group Tasks

Stage III: Personal Interview

All of these 3 stages carry equal marks weightage. Out of these three tests, if a candidate clears even two stages, he/she can get recommended further.

But the real question is, is it necessary to clear all the 3 stages? What if I clear just one or two techniques? Let’s see the answer to these questions.

About Personal Interview round:

  • Personal Interview and Psychological Tests are two main techniques in which you need to perform well, even if you perform averagely (borderline marks) in GTO tasks, you will be fine.
  • Most of the questions asked in Personal Interview are already known to candidates. Apart from that, if you prepare Current Affairs, GK and have all basic info about Armed Forces, PI becomes easy to clear.
  • Have good knowledge about recent happenings (national and international) and you must also be well-versed with your field of graduation as many technical questions will come your way.

About Psychological tests:

  • For Psychological tests, you must learn the pattern and proper sequence of all tests (TAT, WAT, SRT, SD). Once you know that, you just need to practice to improve your speed and get your tests reviewed by an expert/coach.
  • TAT, WAT, SRT, SD, all of the Psychological tests are designed to test your intelligence and other cognitive abilities. Your writing skills are also tested in this round. Make sure your answer reflects your optimism, reasoning abilities and other OLQs.
  • Psych tests demand your point of view. So, don’t copy or mug up sentences given by other candidates or from books. Practice to improve your speed and writing skills, but give your natural responses in psych tests.
  • It is not about how many questions you attempt, it is about the quality of responses/sentences you provide in psych tests. (Of course you need to attempt minimum number of questions required).
  • Instead of sitting and memorizing answers, surround yourself with aspiring and optimistic minds. Your day-to-day life has a great impact on your responses given in psych tests.

About Group Tasks:

  • There is a reason why you have been put into a group of people. Too many candidates fail to understand this, try to dominate other members and rule the group. Don’t dominate other candidates, but also don’t be invisible in the group. Speak facts and try to take your group forward.
  • GD and Lecturette rounds are quite uncertain due plenty of topics available and you can be given anything to talk about. This is the reason why even best candidates cannot perform well in GDs and Lecturette.
  • Generally, many candidates do not prepare well for physical activities given in GTO Tasks. Which is absolutely wrong and main reason why they showcase poor physical and mental stamina during these tasks. GTO also requires good preparation and hard work to score well. Your mental abilities, self-confidence and team spirit is checked here.
  • Majority of the candidates who clear SSB interview, usually just clear 2 out of 3 techniques. Very few actually clear all the 3 techniques.

Final Words:

Boasting about your OLQs is not enough. Your OLQs must be reflected in psych tests, PI and GTO tasks. Basically, you are checked from all the 3 angles to see how you perform in different kind of situations.

Each assessor maps your personality accordingly, the results of each technique need to match with each other. For example, if your psychologist has mapped some qualities, but your GTO or IO cannot spot any of those qualities in you, you are in trouble.

That’s the main strategy of clearing SSB interview, your OLQs must be reflected in your actions and not just in talks!