PPDT is the most primary step (screening test) that you need to score to make your way through SSB interview. Only when you crack this first round of group discussion, are you then recommended for next rounds. You are at the SSB centre, your nerves are anxious and you feel all sweaty. Why do you think this is the state of many SSB candidates during PPDT? That’s right, nervousness.

Whenever you are in such accentuated situation, your brain is triggered to feel more anxious and nervous. When it’s your turn to talk during GD, the interviewers will be framing first impressions based on your performance. And knowing this, one might feel even more nervous.

One indispensable quality that you just need to master to clear SSB interview is ‘Calmness’. There are several OLQs you might have heard about that you need to learn
in order to crack your way through competitive examinations. But, calmness of your mind is one essential quality that no one will ever tell you about.

Many a time you will see that most unexpected candidate is recommended for further rounds. The ones who are not really active during group tasks or are not the smartest amongst all candidates are seen to crack interviews. Why’s that? This is merely because such candidates possess this rare quality- ‘Calmness of mind’. They are attentive and calm during GDs, GDTs and even around the campus.

How do you inculcate calmness during various stages of SSB tests?

Conquer your fears

Being calm naturally allows your mind to process things more swiftly and provide answers intellectually. Fear is the biggest reason why candidates lose their cool and there is a chaos of thoughts going on in their heads. You must train your mind to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations and face your fears confidently.

  • When you are fearful, the primary reaction that you will experience is the inability to think straight and inability to take quick decisions.
  • Whenever you are speaking in GDs, speak confidently with average speed and make sure you do not stutter too much.
  • Some candidates are naturally blessed with a fluent speech that synchronises with their thoughts. Whereas, some of them struggle and are unable to put up their point, even when they’ve written down excellent stories in PPDT.
  • If you find yourself stuttering, take a moment to calm down.
  • Start again and be specific with your sentences.
  • Usually, when you are given a time limit (usually 1 minute) to talk, your brain calculates a psychological deadline and that’s when you are in utmost need of calmness. Go through my 17-hour detailed video lectures to know how to handle such high stake situations.

Optimism during Group Discussions

You will be facing total 4 informal group discussions at the time of your SSB interview. The examiners will be checking your personality traits during these discussions.

If you shout on the top of your lungs and raise your voice on other candidates, you are likely to be disqualified then and there. That’s because shouting shows how weak your state of mind is! You cannot use your voice to grab attention.

  • Be calm, observe and listen to certain points being put forward.
  • This way your brain will be able to think of unique points and don’t worry, your chance of speaking eventually comes to you!
  • The main part is how you will handle the situation when you are really given that chance!
  • Remember, this does not mean that you should be completely calm and let everyone make their points! No.
  • Speak before it’s too late and the discussion turns into a chaos!

Facing the Interview

The interview is the most crucial test that you will go through at SSB and if you clear it, you will have higher chances of getting selected. That is why you need to know certain things before going:

  • If you don’t know the answer to a particular question just reply “I don’t know”. Some candidates make the mistake of beating around the bush and ending up making a fool out of themselves.
  • Don’t give even the slightest sign of fear or uncomfortableness to the interviewer.
  • Practice predictable questions beforehand, but the answers should not sound like they’re mugged up. Answer every question with calm mind.

Group Tasks

Group Tasks depict your teamwork spirit, physical fitness and how capable are you of handling daily life situations.

  • Do not unnecessarily come up with ideas, especially when your group has already made up a plan to execute the task.
  • If you have any ideas, convey it calmly with audible tone without raising
    your voice.

Essential Takeaways

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

Nothing makes you more bothered than lack of knowledge and preparation. It is not expected from you to answer every question interviewer chooses to throw at you. But, you are expected to give smart responses to basic questions without appearing to be tongue-tied.

Practice common interview questions and sharpen your interview skills way before your interview date. More you practice, more skilful you will become and less stressed you will be during the actual interview.

If you have no one to conduct practice interviews with, try to speak in front of a mirror as much as you can. Work on your facial expressions, eye contact, and tone of speech.

Action Plan

You need to feel confident and portray it through your body language. Make positive statements, be optimistic, make eye contact with the interviewer when he is speaking to you and sit up straight during all tests of SSB interview.

When your interview is about to end, do not change your position or be too relaxed. This will give an impression that you are willing to escape from the room as soon as possible. Remain calm till the end.

Research it all beforehand!

Everything you are going to face at any competitive exam needs to be familiar to you. Interview procedures, tests, syllabus, basic rules, and requirements must be known beforehand. More you get to know about the examination process, less anxious you will feel in that environment. Knowing everything beforehand will help your mind cooperate better and be calm.

Best way to know every minute detail with practical demos of tests is to go through my Video lectures. You will have a clear picture about every exam conducted at SSB centres.

Take mental notes, whatever you do, just stay calm all throughout!