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*Pay Rs.17,000 at the time of joining Batch (SSB Interview)Inclusive of Hostel, Mess, Study Material, Recreation, Adventure Activities, Pick Up and Drop from the Railway Station etc.

*Note: The conducting of the batch will be subject to the government giving permission to open the academy.

*Important Note: COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative Report to be submitted at the AFPA Security and Disinfection Zone. The report must be procured 72 hours prior to batch commencement.

10% Discount on Coaching Fees(Rs.10,000) for Defence personnel or ward of Defence Personnel.

Note: Total Fees: Rs.20,000/- Breakup. Coaching Fees: Rs.10,000/-. Hostel, Mess, Study Material, Adventure Activities and Pickup: Rs.10,000/-

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