SSB Interview: 17 Hours Power Packed Video Lectures by Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan (Secret Strategies to Crack the SSB Interview Unraveled!) (USB)

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Product Description

This Training Kit is a virtual learning tool for giving first-hand experience and best of the knowledge of various SSB tests exactly the way they are offered at a training academy.

Get SSB Training of a Training Academy at the convenience of your home through this virtual training kit.

All SSB Procedures: Screening Test, Psychological Tests, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self-Description, GTO Series, Group Discussion, Lecturette, Group Planning Exercise (GPE), Progressive Group Task (PGT), Half Group Task (PGT), Individual Obstacles, Command Task, Final Group Task, Interview, Conference have been discussed in detail through effective visual aids containing lectures, practical demonstration, self-learning tools and techniques.

Thereby guiding the aspirants with proper instructions as to how to learn and improve upon various skills.

This kit is a must for the candidates who want to crack the SSB Interview.

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Course Content

Why is SSB Considered Difficult?

The coach has explained various mistakes that aspirants do which results in no success rate thereby declaring the SSB Process to be difficult. He has also suggested the approach to SSB that will give sure results.

What is seen in a Candidate?

This is the most important aspect of SSB Coaching. Most aspirants prepare mechanically without understanding as to what is seen in a candidate. In this video, the coach has explained with a lot of examples, the 15 officer like qualities that are seen at the SSB.

Schedule at SSB

In this video, the coach has explained the 5-day selection schedule at the SSB which enables aspirants to have a fair idea of what they can expect.

Personal Information Questionnaire

Personal Information Questionnaire is a very important document which gives direction to the entire Personal Interview Process. The coach has explained crisply what to do and what not to do in this test.

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test

In this video, the various tests that are conducted to check the Pilot Aptitude are explained.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test

PP&DT is the most important test in the SSB Process. This is a part of the screening test wherein nearly 60% of the candidates are rejected. Cracking this is by far the biggest challenge in SSB. The coach has elaborately explained how to go about weaving a good story, narrating it and discussing. This has been practically demonstrated with detailed a feedback session.

Thematic Apperception Test

It is the first of the psychological test series wherein 6 stories are to be written based on the images shown. In this video, all aspect of this test is explained in great detail.

Word Association Test

In this test, candidates are required to write short sentences on 60 words that are projected one after the other. While it may sound simple, it is somewhat difficult to cope up. The coach has explained the technique of framing appropriate sentences that will appeal to the assessors.

Situation Reaction Test

In this test, 60 situations are given in a booklet form which the candidates are required to react to. In this video, the coach has explained the strategy and secrets with practical demonstration.

Self-Description Test

In this test, 5 passages are required to be written as to what different people think about you. This process has been explained very nicely in the video.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion forms part of the group testing procedure. In this, there are two rounds one based on current affairs and the other on social issues. In this video, group discussions have been conducted live and through feedback to the candidates, a lot of learning value has been conveyed by the coach.

Group Planning Exercise

In this, a situation is explained on a board which contains four day to day problems and candidates are asked to solve the situation in writing and then discuss among themselves to evolve the best plan. In this video, the exercise has been conducted live and the right approach has been explained by the coach.

Progressive Group Task

This is a physical task where four obstacles have to be crossed by the group with the help of given structures and helping materials. This is quite a challenging task and requires the application of mind. The coach has explained various techniques and methods that are to be applied in tackling these obstacles.

Group Obstacle Race

This is a fun-filled activity wherein all the GTO groups take part in crossing 6 obstacles as a team. In this video, the entire sets of obstacles have been explained practically and the activity is conducted live. The coach has explained various intricacies and strategies of this task.

Half Group Task and Final Group Task

Since both these tasks are based on the principles of the progressive group task, in this video; the coach has explained the purpose and approach to be followed.


In this task, candidates are required to speak for 3 minutes on any one of the four topics given to them. In this video, live lecturettes are shown and various do’s and don’ts are explained. 

Individual Obstacles

In this test, candidates are required to complete 10 obstacles individually in 3 minutes. The video contains live briefing, explanation of the obstacles and practical conduct of this activity and an elaborate feedback.

Command Task

In this task, each candidate is called as a commander to tackle one obstacle with the help of two subordinates of his choice. The video explains the relevance of this task and also provides the first-hand experience of the actual conduct of command task.

Personal Interview

In this video, four full-length interviews are provided with feedback on each interview to each candidate. This covers a variety of questions to different candidates and is quite elaborate.

Board Conference

Board conference is a procedure in which the three assessors discuss their findings and take a final call on each candidate. In this video, this procedure has been explained elaborately and covers various questions that the candidate can expect during board conference.

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