Psychology for SSB Interview by Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan (Secret Strategies to Crack the Psychological Test Unraveled)

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Psychological Test at the SSB includes Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self-Description Test (SDT). Since these are very unconventional tests, aspirants find it very difficult to cope with them. Furthermore, the time constraint makes it even more difficult. While they may sound simple, psychological tests are the most difficult tests in the SSB interview. Hence, the only answer to this difficulty is to practice under the guidance of an expert with the requisite qualifications in Psychology. Often, the candidates get blanked out after being subjected to a few pictures/words/situations. Thus, it requires intense practice. Most of the material, available in most of the books, is a compilation of random English words with grammatically correct sentences, which serve no purpose in the SSB interview. Moreover, the images provided are not psychometric images. Hence, practicing with them would only prove futile. I have endeavored especially to compile images and words that are psychometric in nature and which are often presented in the SSB. Hence, practicing with this book as a guide would indeed benefit the aspirants. I hope this book helps the aspirants to achieve their dream of joining the defense services.


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