Preparation of SSB requires a lot of discipline, hard work and focus. Some aspirants join coaching classes to get some help but ultimately you need to prepare yourself to make it till the end. So, let see what to do and what not to do for the SSB preparation.

Do’s for ssb interview:

  • Spend time with your social groups – You must have the ability to speak up and share your views in a social group. To enhance your social communication, try to spend more time with your friends, family, or other groups. This will not only enhance your social involvement but also help you to learn how to deal with different types of people in a group. It is one of the simple an easy ways to get some knowledge as well.
  • Take Responsibilities – Try to take some responsibilities and complete them on time. Your time management skill and the experience of handling a group of people under you will help you a lot in your ground task and will also give a boost to your confidence.
  • Enhance your Communication Skills – Make sure you have the communication skill to properly present and express your thoughts and ideas in an effective way. This is one the most important yet most neglected skill of the SSB aspirants.
  • Follow the Instruction – In SSB, you should do only what is instructed to you. In the personal interview round, just answer what the question demands, try to be to-the-point and concise. Don’t leave any room for any void by giving over-explanation. This attitude should be followed for ground tasks also.
  • Improve your Reading and Writing Skill – Improve your reading and writing skill by reading a newspaper daily. This is a great source to gather some knowledge as well.

Don’ts for ssb interview:

  • Don’t Just Blindly Follow your SSB books – The SSB books only guide you and provide an idea of the SSB.  So, blindly following the reference books only will not help. SSB is a personality test which you cannot evolve just by reading SSB books.
  • Don’t Copy the Experiences and Moves of Successfully Passed Candidates – Learning from other’s experiences is good but copying their experiences or doing the same things which they might not work for you. You should behave or answer in your own way.
  • Focusing Only on One Single Test is a Waste – Concentrating fully on any one of the SSB tests is not good. You need to clear all the three techniques, thus give equal importance to all of them.
  • Don’t Neglect your Physical Fitness – In GTO tasks, your physical fitness matters a lot. So, don’t neglect your physical fitness. Loose those extra calories and prepare yourself to successfully clear the GTO tasks.



Preparing for SSB needs hard work along with smart work. You must be clear about your aim and how to approach it. Don’t try to change your personality by getting misguided or by trying to adopt the traits of other successful candidates. The best way is to be yourself rather than pretending to be someone else.