The ‘POMODORO Technique’ is a time management method which was developed by Francesco Cirillo in late 1980s. It is a time management tool used by millions of people all around the world to manage the time and organize the work simultaneously and has gained so much popularity that much latest application software uses this technique. The application of this technique has widened and is helpful in many other fields including SSB Interview preparation.

POMORODO is simply the name of tomato in the Italian language. The reason behind this name is that the developer used a mechanical tomato timer when he was a university student. This technique uses a timer which breaks work into certain time intervals. This time interval between worktime is known as pomodoros.

HOW does It Work?
The POMODORO is a technique which uses a timer. The basic idea is to split work into certain intervals of time.

The Main Characteristics of POMODORO Technique are:

1. Recording of how one spends their time
2. This is a sustained method which focuses on one task at a time.
3. There are certain time intervals to do a task.
4. It takes breaks after regular interval of time.

There are mainly six steps mentioned by a developer in the original technique. They are:

1. Decide and organize the tasks to be done.
2. Set the POMODORO timer (usually 25 minutes). Take a pencil and paper along with this.
3. Start doing work and try to complete within a time limit.
4. Once the timer rings, stop the work and put a checkmark on the paper using the pencil.
5. If we have lesser than 4 checkmarks, take a break for about 3-5 minutes and go to step 2.
6. If we have more tasks, then after 4 POMODOROS, take a long break for about 15-30 minutes. After the break, reset the checkmark count to zero and go to step 1.


As we all know that SSB Interview is all about physical and psychological assessment. It checks the coordination in what you think, do and say. For most of the aspirants, time is an important factor. In order to manage time, we can use POMODORO technique. As we know that SSB assessment is also based on the performance of a candidate under pressure. In the psychological tests like TAT, SRT, and WAT, time management is very essential. If the candidate has a good time management system, it will be easier for him to perform well in the test. This technique also improves the quality of response and reflex of a candidate appearing for SSB.


SSB Interview is a five-day process with a lot of indoor and outdoor tests. For better performance in the SSB Interview, one should start from their home. Organizing a day’s tasks will save time and helps to improve performance. One example fo the organization of tasks are as follows:

‘In the OIR tests, 2 set of question papers will be given each having 17 minutes to solve. Using POMODORO technique, we can set the timer and try to solve within the time limit. After the first checkmark, take a small break and do the second task. Slowly, this will increase the speed of solving problems in OIR.’ In this way, the other tasks can be organized.

The same technique can be used for the rest of the tasks within a respective time interval.
By using this technique, we are indirectly inculcating and improving two Officer Like Qualities such as Organising ability and speed of decision.
When a person has to do a task within a time frame, first they have to measure how fast they can complete it. This is the basic thing if one needs to be more productive.
Once a person is focused on a certain task, they will be able to go deeper in that topic.

It is favorable that a person does at least 6 POMODOROS (timed task) a day. It is a universally accepted technique to improve organizing capability and increase study productivity. Using them for preparation for SSB will certainly increase one’s overall intelligence.

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