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Hey Braveheart!

The only obstacle between you and the uniform is failing to have the right frame of mind.

CDR. Sudarshan Chakrapani (Retd.)

Ex. Interviewing Officer,Conducted Interviews In 12 SSB Bengaluru & 22 SSB Bhopal

Air Commodore Sanjeev Gosewade (Retd.)

President And Interviewing Officer Of 2 Air Force Selection Boards

Col.Murali Govindakurup (Retd.)

Deputy President and Interviewing Officer at 18 SSB Allahabad

Majority of failures are primarily due to incorrect mental analysis and decision making. The entire process needs to be developed, strengthened and sharpened to an extent that the responses are more reflexive rather than contemplated. Team AFPA provides one platform to erase this anomaly and the unique and ingenious training methods will strengthen your mental faculties and resolve to achieve sure shot success in the SSB Interview. Do not miss this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Become part of a rapidly enlarging successful AFPA Community aspirants who are today 380 success stories till date (June 2021).

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Well, there is some good news from my example. I surmounted the learning curve through sheer perseverance, practice and rehearsals to master the craft and be acknowledged as one of the few outstanding interviewers in this field.

I have created a proven system for myself and for SSB aspirants, including advice on Response Modeling, tested model to get a better insight into your personality, creating and painting a Convincing Story of Your Life, and surefire ways to boost your confidence for the actual full interview that have quadrupled the chances of recommendation for my students.

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The Personal Interview Mastery
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Personal Interview Mastery Coaching Program; A Game Changer
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Akshadeep Batra

Manoratan Singh

Ritesh Kumar

Ravish Kumar

As you can see these students have already achieved their goals by tapping into their own skills and refining them in the perfect way so that they can express themselves to the interviewer and ultimately impress him/her to the core.

Just imagine being able to walk into your one-on-one SSB Interview and have the confidence of a bullfighter with zero fear or agitation – knowing you’re going to “kill it” by the time the interview is concluded.

With the Personal Interview Mastery Coaching Program, you don’t have to imagine – you CAN and you WILL. The best part is that this mock interview is not conducted by someone with no experience. You will gain insights from an expert – someone who has been helping students foryears. You will actually understand what an interview looks like, the way to respond, the right manner to present your answers, what to do when you have no clue about answering a question, how to turn the tables and much more. See, this is something that you won’t find anywhere else, so this is your chance to cash in this one-of-a-kind opportunity and prepare yourself the right way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The interview (via Skype) will take about 45 minutes to an hour. This is followed by 30 minutes of break for the candidate to jot down doubts that he can ask. Then there is a feedback session of about 15 to 20 minutes where the interviewing officer will give a detailed feedback and clear doubts if any.

This programme gives you the real feel of the personal interview and if you keep refreshing the feedback points given you are good to go. The personal interview mastery coaching program at AFPA will transform your personality and empower you for assured success.

Each interview is one single transaction and you will get a recorded version. There is no limit on the number of times you can take it. But each repetition is a separate transaction and will be charged.

The follow – up should be revision of the points raised by the interviewing officer to includefilling of the PIQ forms.

Yes,remember it is your personal interview and yours only.

This program is best on a laptop or I-pad with a good Wi-Fi connection. Not recommended on mobile phones.

CDR. Sudarshan Chakrapani (Retd.), P.I Mastery Trainer

Ex. Interviewing Officer, conducted interviews in 12 SSB Bengaluru & 22 SSB Bhopal

CDR. Chax Here, 

Let Me Tell You Something….

If you think that achieving success is all about pushing yourself harder, sleepless nights, midnight oil and innumerable sacrifices!

Well, this is not it!

Back in the good old days, when my self -esteem and self-confidence was at its lowest, facing a one on one interview was a nightmare and something I dreaded.