The Conference is basically the very last part of the SSB Examination. All of the three assessors will sit down and discuss about the candidate, coming to the conclusion of whether to recommend the candidate or not. This discussion is an important part, and the candidates present there have to tread very carefully. The candidate in the conference cannot really do anything extraordinary done, and most of the things are wrapped up by the time, but a candidate can avoid making any of the following mistakes to be safe, and better their chances of being able to satisfy the assessors.

1. Do not suggest any kinds of corrections:

It is always considered disrespect if you stand in front of the board, and suggest corrections related to their facilities. If you suggest any corrections, which might give the impression that you weren’t satisfied with the way they provided you with facilities, such as food and laundry, while you were there, it might give a very bad impression to the assessors. The same goes for complaining about things, such as the laundry or another staff member. These are not the things that are supposed to be brought up during the conference, and a candidate should really take care not to talk about any of this.

2. Do not greet everyone:

You are not required to greet or wish everyone present in the room. There might be a number of officers and other people seated in the room, but you will only greet the senior-most officer present in the room, and no one else.

3. Do not look back:

On the back of a candidate is displayed a screen, on which his marks are being shown. A candidate is advised not to look back, even though you know your marks. It could give a very bad impression if you do so.

4. Do not talk frankly with the CHM:

Many people might feel like they will have a greater advantage if they act friendly with the CHM, but that isn’t true at all. In fact, a friendly behaviour will show a non-professional behaviour, which is really not what they want to see. You must maintain a formal attitude with all the officers over there, especially the CHM, and you must talk in a very professional and straightforward tone. Acting too friendly and comfortable will take you nowhere good.

5. Do not dress casually:

You need to understand that these tests are being held for the position of an officer, and to choose the right person, the assessors will have to consider everything about you. Dressing formally, in professional attire will give the impression you need to give for the assessors to see you as a possibly chosen candidate. If you dress casually, it might portray a non serious behaviour and the fact that you aren’t certain about what kind of a job you’re going for. Thus, it can have many worse effects if you neglect your clothing choice, and go in casual apparel.