11 most tricky NDA SSB Interview Question with answers

A personal interview is the most crucial test of SSB interview. The main objective behind conducting this PI is to conclude OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) of an NDA candidate. You are bound to encounter awkward, funny as well as tricky NDA SSB interview questions. Below given are few examples of questions asked in such interviews and how you are supposed to answer them correctly.

To start with, the IO will ask some personal queries regarding your educational details, family background, hobbies, achievements, etc. That is to check overall communication skills and thinking approach of a candidate. Power of expression is also analysed by the IO here.

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Current affairs questions will be asked next, to check whether your knowledge is updated regularly or not. The more you answer these questions related to current affairs, better will be your impression on the IO.

If you are going to apply for a technical position, IO will also ask some technical questions related to that particular field.

So now, let’s begin with some common questions and their answers. Before giving any answer, think with a perspective of an IO- what answer is he expecting from you and what possible qualities is he looking for in a particular question.

  1. Why do you want to join defence force?

A typical answer would be “Desh ki sewa”. You don’t really need to join defence force to serve the nation, you can easily do that through other professions (like doctor, engineer, etc.).

This particular question is asked to check your passion behind applying for SSB, so speak honestly. Do not say “I want to die for the country”. So much of efforts and money is not being invested by Armed Forces in order for you to die. That sounds pessimistic. Rather, you are supposed to make the enemy die to protect your nation.

The ideal answer would be “Sir, I have always been active in sports and would prefer to lead an active and enthusiastic life than leading a sedentary lifestyle with a deskbound job. Armed Forces provide an excellent platform to meet new people, go to new places and partake in adventurous activities.” Technical students could always say that they will get to learn new things and enhance their knowledge in particular field. “Moreover, I am passionately inclined towards the disciplined lifestyle of an Officer and the honour that comes with one’s uniform. Being in Armed Forces allows you to lead a dignified life and serve the country. Even though I am aware of the sacrifices and tremendous hard work this job demands, the perks, the pay and the honour that comes with being an Officer in Defence Forces is beyond amazing.”

  1.  Whom do you love most, your mother or father? And why?

This question is quite tricky and most of the candidates give biased answers. It is better for you to say both (mother and father) and then depict their unique qualities.

  1. Do you have a Girlfriend? If not, Why?

IO wants to know your priorities in life and how focused you are towards your goal. However, you should not lie at all. If you have a girlfriend you could say, “Yes Sir, I have a girlfriend and she is extremely supportive of me to join the defence force”. Another sample answer could be “No Sir, I have female friends but I am not in a relationship with any specific girl. Right now I am more focused towards Armed Forces and making a career in it. And my complete devotion is towards this goal now.”

  1. Tell me more about your hometown.

IO wants to check your presence of mind, social awareness and whether you are interested in different things or not. Your answer must be short and to-the-point. Talk about geographical significance, culture, history, famous places/people and the average population of your hometown. Skip insignificant details.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Now saying that I have no weaknesses is illogical. Every single one of us has some weakness. IO wants to know whether you are aware of your weaknesses and are you working on them or not. Keep balance, do not over-praise yourself, nor over-criticize. Sample answer would be, “I have good technical knowledge of Computers, I believe in punctuality, optimism, and honesty. I love to do things with 100% dedication. I have weak command over English language, but I am definitely getting better at it.”

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  1. What motivates you to opt for Defence Force?

Again, do not say I want to die for the nation. IO wants to check your passion for the armed forces. You could always say parents are your biggest motivation. Sample answer, “I’ve always admired and had a massive respect for officers in uniform. I dreamed of doing the same for the country one day since childhood. And, the biggest motivation comes from my parents. They are always optimistic about me joining the defence services and have encouraged me throughout with their positive words. ”

  1. If you fail, will you come back again for SSB interview?

Now this question does not imply that you are rejected. IO just wants to check your confidence, optimism and how nervous you get. An ideal answer to this would be, “Sir, I have certainly applied for a reason and I won’t give up so easily. If I fail, I will work hard on my shortcomings (if any) and come back again well-prepared. Success is measured by how high you bounce when you hit BOTTOM.”

  1. Tell me few bad qualities about your best friend.

IO is trying to understand your thinking approach, your positivity and how you take things in life. Since the question is about bad qualities, you are expected to be optimistic about it. You could say, “My best friend Nishant is really smart and a hard worker but fails to manage his time precisely. Like me, he also has excellent knowledge of Computers, but I feel he should also be more active and invest his time in Outdoor activities.”

  1. Do you consume alcohol? / Do you watch porn?

Sample answer, “Sir, I feel it’s a distraction from your life goals and a waste of time. Consuming alcohol while knowing its harmful for your health is illogical to me, plus it’s a waste of hard-earned money. I did have a sip of beer a long time ago out of curiosity and I did not like it at all.” As for porn, you have to be honest with your answer. As an officer, you are not supposed to be addicted or inclined towards such things. Try to answer honestly, without portraying your too much liking towards it.

  1. What will you do if you never get selected in Defence force?

Having no future plans or other options for your career is unwise. Do not say, “I haven’t thought about it yet or I don’t know yet”. You could say you will try again through other entries/AFCAT/CDSE. Lastly, have some future plans like opting for graduation in your field of interest and pursuing higher studies in that field. You will be more likely to get selected. Do not say I will come back again multiple times until I get recommended. Rather, tell your alternate future plan.

  1. Why should I select you?

Here you are expected to know all about yourself. Sample answer would be “When I came across the careers in Armed Forces, I researched a lot about it, talked to defence officers I know and learned all about the responsibilities of an Officer. With growing admiration, I wished to be a part of this honourable lifestyle. I understand that it’s not just a job, but a way of life and I am very much willing to adapt to this life approach.”

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