Union Education Minister launched Nano Sniffer


The Union Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has launched the Nano Sniffer.

What is Nano Sniffer?

It is a Microsensor-based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD).

It was developed by an IIT Bombay INCUBATED START-UP NAMED NanoSniff Technologies.

It is the world’s first Microsensor-based ETD.

It is 100% made in India. (Research, Development, and manufacturing).

The most important advantage of the sensor is that it will help to reduce the dependency on imported sensors.

It can detect the explosives in less than 10 sec.

Why ETDs are important?

The device will help to safeguard crowded locations such as airports, railways, metro stations, hotels, malls streets, and other public places.

Such types of devices will surely assist security forces, local police, and intelligence agencies to stop attacks like the 2008 Mumbai Attack.

Checks and tests:

The device has passed DRDO’s High Energy Material Research Laboratory’s testing.

The elite commando force of India National Security Guards has also passed the device.




22-Security personnel have been killed by Maoist


About threat of Left-wing extremism organization:

Definition: LWE organizations are the institutions or groups that try to bring change through violent revolution. They act against democratic institutions and use violence to subvert the democratic processes in the country.

Left-wing extremism is one of the biggest internal security challenges for the country.

Past few years showed the declining trend in the Maoist attacks.

The figures associated with the number of incidents are evidence of the fact.

But the recent attack is a wake-up call or an alarm to be ready or a sign of regrouping re-gathering of lost powers of extremist groups.

What can be done to subvert insurgency and left extremism in India?

Militarily, the insurgent groups can be tackled.

For that, various affected states have raised dedicated Special Forces.

The Special Forces personnel are rigorously trained in counter guerilla tactics and jungle warfare. So this approach can be taken by the states which haven’t raised a dedicated task force yet.

Interstate borders are widely used by Naxalites for hiding.

Coordinated efforts have to be taken by launching coordinated operations in such areas so that no space should be left for Maoists to maneuver.

Some states have even crafted attractive developmental schemes, which is one of the important elements to separate the population from the insurgents.

Trust building exercises or initiatives should be taken by the government and its representatives so that people believe in them, in democracy and not in Maoist leaders or path of extremism.


Prime Minister of India has inaugurated new projects in Seychelles


About India Seychelles Relations:

The Prime Minister cleared that the African Country is a vital player to India’s Vision of SAGAR – Security and Growth for All in the Region’.

Seychelles was the first African country to have received Made in India covid-19 vaccines.

India had provided more than 50,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Seychelles.

India has helped Seychelles to develop infrastructure crucial elements of the Seychelles democracy, like the new Magistrate’s Court Building.

To empower the island country’s Coast Guard, India has handed over the Fast Patrol Vessel to the President of Seychelles. The vessel was developed indigenously by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers.

In the field of clean energy and empower nations to tackle global environment issues One Mega Watt Solar Power Plant is built in Seychelles with the guidance and assistance of India.




India National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS)


INYAS has released a nationwide awareness campaign to make people aware of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

The campaign will be conducted through COVACNEWS android based mobile application

About INYAS:

Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS) is the first and only recognized young scientist academy of India.

INYAS provides a platform to exchange ideas, initiate discussions on scientific topics, and collaborate among the new generation of scientists.

INYAS was founded in December 2014.

The main Objective of INYAS is to promote Science education and networking among young scientists at the National as well as International level.

Various initiatives of INYAS – National Frontiers of Science meetings, technical symposiums, Science outreach camps, remote area lectures, and career awareness workshops.

Supreme Court agreed to appoint ad hoc High Court Judges but asked not to further delay appointment of regular judges


What is the issue?

There are 1080 judicial strengths sanctioned in the High Courts across the nation.

Of which, 669 judges are running high courts and 411 positions of judges are still vacant.

Supreme Court has asked the union government to fill the vacant positions of judges so that pendency of cases issue can be resolved.

Government has now come up with a new solution to reduce the pendency cases burden by appointing retired high court judges.

Supreme Court has given its nod to the govt’s proposal but firmly told the govt that this liberty should not become an excuse to stop or further delay the appointment process of regular judges. 

What is an Ad Hoc judge?

They are temporary judges appointed by the respective Chief Justice of the court.


Indian Constitution allows the appointment of Ad Hoc judges to the court.

In the case of High Courts, the Chief Justice of a particular High Court can appoint a temporary judge under article 224A of the Indian Constitution.

But it should be done only when every possible option to appoint a regular judge is closed.