Ban on 7 chemicals

Narendra Modi has ratified ban on 7 persistent organic pollutants under Stockholm convention. The Stockholm convention is a global treaty for the protection of environment and human health from pops.

The ratification of Stockholm convention has been done by India on January 13 2006.


India’s first brand logo and cotton on 2nd world cotton day

The webinar was organised by texprocil and citi with the theme of new look cotton. On 7th october 2nd world cotton day, Union Minister of textiles and women and child development, Shri samriti Zubin Irani, launch the first brand and logo for Indian cotton. Kasturi cotton will be the name of India’s premium cotton in the world cotton trade. It will be known for its whiteness luster brightness purity softness indianness and uniqueness.

Cotton provides livelihood to 6 million cotton farmers and India is the second largest producer with the 6 million tonnes of cotton every year and consumer.

Cotton corporation of India CCI opened 430 procurement centres in cotton growing States.



MNRE, NITI Aayog, invest India holding symposium on solar PV manufacturing

On 6 Oct, Ministry of new and renewable energy, invest India held a symposium on solar PV manufacturing named India PV Edge- 2020. The mission is to make India the global hub for solar PV manufacturing through technology and ecosystem to set up giga scale factories by local and global firms. India is near to meet its 3 key NDC targets. There were three sessions in which II included three parallelpitching sessions on Salman factoring production equipment and supply chain and bill of materials. The third session included “investment conclave.”



Ratification of seven persistent organic pollutants listed under Stockholm convention

Shri Narendra Modi chaired the Union Cabinet and approved the ratification of 7 persistent organic pollutants listed under Stockholm convention. Then, the Union Cabinet delegated its powers for future medications of already regulated under the domestic regulations Chemicals for streamlining the procedure.

The step is to protect India’s environment and human health through control measures developing and implementing action plans developing inventories of the chemicals’ stockpiles reviewing and updating its national implementation plan.


Approval for natural gas marketing reforms

The cabinet committee on economic affairs was shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it has approved natural gas marketing reforms. Its objective is to prescribe the standard procedure for discovering the market price of gas to be sold in the market by gas producers. More than Rs 70,000 crore of investment has been done on the east coast. It also wants to permit affiliates to participate in the bidding process in gas selling and handling marketing freedom to FDPs.

Moreover, the infrastructure of natural games has become more transparent. It complies with Atmanirbhar Bharat mission.