One Person Companies rules amended


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has amended the rules for One Person Companies engraved in ‘Companies Rules, 2014’.

  • News rules have been incorporated with the name ‘Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules, 2021.
  • The new rules will come into force from the commencement of the new financial year.

What are the changes?

  • New rules open the gate for One Person Companies led by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).
  • Also, the mandatory resident period is reduced from 182 days to 120 days.
  • Previously, voluntary conversion of OPCs could only be done after two years, and now the provision has been omitted from the rules.

What are One Person Companies?

  • As its name suggests, a company consists of a person only is said to be one person company.
  • Section 2 (62) of Companies Act, 2013 the One Person Company to encourage Self-Employment opportunities.




PM Modi discussed with South African PM Cyril Ramaphosa


Both the Prime Minister discussed the current situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the continuing challenges. A vaccination campaign has been undertaken in both countries. Prime Minister assured that both the countries would share similar relations after the COVID-19 Pandemic and ensured his South African counterpart that India’s pharmaceuticals and vaccines would continue to help the needs of all the nations, including South Africa.




Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Gujarat High Court


Indian Prime Minister will address an event organized to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the High Court of Gujarat on February 06th. The High Court is celebrating sixty years of its establishment. The PM will also release the postage stamp to commemorate the event. Along with the Prime Minister, Union Law Minister, Supreme Court judges, Gujarat High Court Judges, and Chief Minister of Gujarat will also virtually attend the conference.




Prime Minister Inaugurated ‘Chauri Chaura’ Centenary Celebrations at Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh


On February 04th, 2021, the Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Chauri Chaura Incident’s Centenary Celebrations.  The PM also launched the postage stamp to commemorate the landmark event in the country’s fight for independence.


Udan 4.0 – 24 Routes in Assam has been identified


The Airport Authority of India, the implementing agency of the UDAN scheme, has identified 24 routes in Assam under the first phase of UDAN 4.0 to undertake the scheme benefits to the people of Assam.  The SAOs (Selected Airline Operators) must start RCS flight operations on a route within six months from the issuance of Letter of Award or within two months from the readiness of operating airports. In case an extension is granted by the AAI.

Salient Features of UDAN Scheme:

  1. Demand-Driven
  2. Airfare Affordability
  3. Focus on Priority Areas (Remote Areas of NER, J&K, etc.)

Airports in Assam:

  1. Jorhat
  2. Lilabari
  3. Tezpur


  1. Nagaon
  2. Misa
  3. Galecki

Water Aerodromes:

  1. Guwahati River Font
  2. Umrangso Reservoir




During the budget session, the Finance Commission of India was recently in News


Finance Commission

  • The President of India appoints Finance Commission under article 280.
  • Function: It mainly gives recommendations to distribute tax revenues among the Union and the States.
  • Imp feature: To redress the imbalances between taxation powers of the Centre and expenditure responsibilities of the States.

Finance Commission Members

The commission comprises a chairman and four members. The four other members are selected among persons who :

  • High Court Judge (have been or qualified)
  • Special knowledge (Economics, Finance, and Accounts)




The Vice president of India has inaugurated the Aadi Mahotsav 2021 in the National Capital

  • The festival showcases tribal art, crafts, medicine, dance, cuisine, and more from more than 20 states of India.
  • It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federations of India).
  • Since 2017, Aadi Mahotsav has been organized annually.


To educate people and familiarise them with the rich and diverse culture and craft of tribal communities.

Important displays of Aadi Mahotsav

  • Maheshwari Saree of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Warm Woollen of Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh.
  • Herbs from Tamil Nadu.
  • Honey products of North-East India.


  • MD – Pravir Krishna
  • HQ – New Delhi

During the first week of the Feb month, the 4th foreign office consultation was held between Qatar and India virtually


Ministry of External Affairs Secretary Sanjay Bhattacharyya let the Indian delegation and Qatar was represented by Dr. Ahmad Hassen Al-Hammadi, Secretary General Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar.


Capital – Doha

Prime Minister – Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al Thani

Outcomes of the discussion

  • Bilateral relations have improved, and discussions over energy trade, defense, food security, health security, science, culture, etc., were done.
  • Both nations agreed to conduct Joint Commission Meeting at the Foreign Minister level.




The United States based startup, blueshift, has launched the world’s first commercial rocket powered by biofuel, named Stardust 1.0 from Maine, US



  • It is a fuel derived from Biomass and can be used as a transportation fuel.
  • Example – Biodiesel, Ethanol, etc.
  • Generally, liquid biofuel is used in transportation, but Stardust 1.0 used solid biofuel.




STARS – Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States


Aim of STARS – To improve quality of education and governance in six Indian States – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha Rajasthan, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh.

World Bank will provide financial assistance of Rs. 5718 Crore to implement the project, which will be implemented as a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

A major component of the scheme is the introduction of PARAKH – Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development.


  • It will set norms for student assessment and evaluation.
  • According to the National Education Policy, it will monitor the learning outcomes at the state and the national level.
  • It is a National Assessment center.




Supreme Court to examine the Uniform Minimum Age for Marriage


The Apex court of the nation has decided to examine a plea pending in the Delhi and Rajasthan High Courts to declare a ‘Uniform Minimum Age’ for marriage.

The Supreme Court will transfer the plea to itself to examine the issue by exercising its power under Article 139A of the Indian Constitution. The Central government has also set up a committee to review the minimum age of marriage for women. At present, the Marriage age of women is 18, and for males, the minimum age is 21.

The Chief Justice of India, Sharad Bobde, will lead the bench. The bench’s main will be to make the marriage age ‘gender-neutral, religion-neutral and uniform for all citizen.’

Following the article are being violated due to the difference of age

  1. Fundamental Rights (Article 14)
  2. Protection Against Discrimination (15)
  3. The dignity of Life (21)

What are the advantages of increasing the marriage of girls?

  1. It will reduce maternal mortality rates.
  2. The nutrition levels of girls will improve.
  3. Educational opportunities will be increased as it will open the gate for girls to pursue higher education and careers.
  4. Higher Education will lead to girls’ development of skills, and eventually, they will get empowered by exploiting their skills and employment.
  5. At present, only 9.8% of the female are doing graduation, which is expected to increase by at least 5 to 7%.
  6. If both married people earn money, then the financial and social status of the family eventually increases.

Disadvantages of increasing the marriage age

  1. There are chances that girls may not have a say in their personal matters until they attain the age of 21.
  2. The parents can misuse the very law to put their eloped daughter in unnecessary trouble and punish the boys or men whom girls choose as their life partner.
  3. During the initial implementation of the law, a widowed girl before 21 will have to wait until she attains the 21-year age.
  4. It may increase female infanticide in the country as many parents feel their daughters are an extra burden.
  5. Sex-selective Abortion may prevail.
  6. It may hamper uneducated or Financially unstable mental conditions as they will be humiliated because of their unoccupancy.

Cons are rigorous, and it may even force girls to suicide. Hence, any ground-level change will happen when the thinking of people gets altered. To make this law more effective, no scheme or government efforts can change the status; it will only if change does occur from within.