National Organ Donation day 2020

The National (Indian) Organ Donation Day is observed annually across India on 27 November to recognise the deceased donors’ selfless contribution to healthcare and humanity in general and re-instil our faith in humanity.

  • It is organised by the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.
  • This year marks the 11th National Organ Donation Day.

Events 2020:

  • It was chaired by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, and various events were organised to celebrate this day.
  • The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has conferred 79592 soldiers as “Angadan warrior” who have pledged to donate their eyes, skin, lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines after death.
  • ROTTO(Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) West was awarded as the best ROTTO in India.
  • The performance of Tamil Nadu was lauded for harvesting 8245 organs, performing the bilateral cadaveric hand transplant. It launched the entire process of organ donation online, thereby receiving the Best State SOTTO (State Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization).

For the promotion of Organ Donation, the Government has established 5 Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organizations (ROTTO) in Chandigarh, Kerala, Guwahati, Chennai, and Kolkata and 12 State Organ & Tissue Transplant Organizations (SOTTO) across India.



SMARTs Program: Strengthen Investor Education

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) launched Securities Market Trainers (SMARTs) program on Nov 25, 2020, as part of the World Investor Wek 2020, which is celebrated from Nov 23, 2020, to Nov 29, 2020


  • The main aim is to enhance investor education and awareness; these education programs that will be conducted will be completely free of cost and borne from SEBI’s Investor Protection and Education Fund (IEPF).
  • It is being launched as the pandemic has induced an overall uncertain growth scenario in present times. Also, the recent surge of new investors in the security market emphasises the need for such programs.
  • The program trainers are termed as SMARTs who also got trained at Maharashtra-based National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) who will be empaneled at a pan India level and conduct investor education program (the first batch includes 40 batches across 16 states and union territories).



Brain Fingerprinting

The accused of Hathras rape case will undergo brain fingerprinting.

Primary points:

  • Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling is also known as Brain fingerprinting.
  • It is a neuropsychological method of integration in which the participation of the accused in the crime is investigated by studying their brain response.
  • Conducted by a process called an electroencephalogram.
  • Under this, the accused’s consent is first taken where they are made to wear caps that have attached electrodes. Through various visuals or audio clips, the triggered neurons generate brainwaves, which then will be studied to determine their participation.

Blue Tide phenomenon observed in Maharashtra.

For the last few days, visitors to Maharashtra’s beaches have witnessed a fluorescent bluish glow when the waves hit the shoreline.


  • The phenomenon is known as blue tide and appears when luminescent marine life makes the sea appear a deep shade of blue.
  • It occurs when phytoplankton, commonly knows as dinoflagellates, produce light through a chemical reaction in proteins. The waves disturb these unicellular microorganisms and make them release blue light.
  • Bioluminescence is a living organism’s property to produce and emit light; animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria show bioluminescence.



Menstruation Hygiene: Free Provision

In landmark legislation, the Scottish Parliament has made period products such as sanitary pads and tampons free of cost to people who need them the most.


  • The bill “Period Products (Free Provision)(Scotland) Bill” was passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament on November 24, making Scotland the first country in the world to take this step.
  • It was passed to tackle a critical crisis, “period poverty,” when people struggle to afford the basic menstrual products.
  • The main objective is to “end the silence and stigma,” which surrounds menstruation and eradicates “gendered barriers.” It ensures that those menstruating have reasonable access to basic period products free of cost.

Indo-Bahrain Relation

Recently, India and Bahrain have agreed to strengthen further their, including domains of defence and maritime security.


  • Bilateral issues and global matters of mutual interest included defence and maritime security, space technology, trade and investment, infrastructure, IT, Fintech, health, hydrocarbon, and renewable energy.
  • Strengthen Covid-19 related cooperation., also Bahrain Appreciated the assistance provided by India during the pandemic through the supply of medicines, medical equipment, and medical professionals.
  • Both expressed satisfaction with the Air Bubble arrangement between the two countries.
  • Also, India renewed the invitation to Bahrain to visit India for the 3rd India-Bahrain High Joint Commission meeting to be held in the upcoming months.



One Nation-One Election

The PM recently again pitched for ‘One Nation, One Election,’ saying it is the country’s need as elections take place every few months, which hamper development progress.


  • This was suggested at the recently held 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference.
  • Also, he suggested about only one voter list to be used for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and other elections.

What is One Nation, One Election?

  • It refers to holding an election to Lok Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, Panchayat, and Urban local bodies simultaneously, once in five years.

Benefits of Simultaneous Elections:

  • Governance and consistency-Ruling parties can focus on legislation and governance rather than in campaign mode throughout the year.
  • Frequent elections lead to massive expenditure; hence there will be reduced expenditure on Money and Administration.
  • Governance Efficiency will be increased as populist measures by the government will reduce.
  • The impact of black money on voters will be reduced as all elections will be held at once.

But a major impact will be on regional parties as a general voting mindset has revealed that voters vote for the same party in Centre and State in case Lok Sabha and state elections are held together.

Legislation changes with respect to Article 83,85,172 of the constitution and Representation of People Act 1951 would have to be amended to effect simultaneous elections.



Global Renewable Energy Investment Meeting and Expo

The 3rd Global Renewable Energy Investment Meeting and Expo (RE Invest 2020) was inaugurated recently.


  • The summit is organised by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
  • The theme for the year was ‘Innovation for Sustainable Energy Transition.’
  • India’s renewable power capacity is the 4th largest globally and is growing at the fastest speed among all major countries.
  • The renewable energy capacity of India is currently 136 GW, about 36 % of the total capacity.
  • In the last 6 years, India has increased installed renewable energy capacity by two and half times.

India x87 has shown the world that sound environmental policy correlates to sound economics by investing in renewable energy  even when it was not affordable, which has helped in achieving the cost of scale,