United Nations Human Rights Council Vote on Sri Lanka


India refrained or abstained from voting on Sri Lanka’s rights record at the United Nations Human Right Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UNHRC consists of 47 members out of which 22 members have voted against Sri Lanka by adopting a resolution on ‘Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’.


Rajapaksa government decided to come hard on the terrorist group LTTE in 2007.

There was intense tussle between the government led forces and the LTTE in which thousands of civilians were caught in between.

The government was also accused of targeting civilians and destroying entire villages.

International and United Nations observers define the events that led to the victory of the government led forces in 2009 as a ‘bloodbath’.

About India – Sri Lanka:

Trade: The trade between both the countries amounted $ 5 Bn.


Related to Tamil People: Tamil people face religious, linguistic discrimination in Sri Lanka, even the government feels that Tamils are not native of Sri Lanka as they had Indian ancestry.

Incidents of traying fisherman: As the maritime distance between India and Sri Lanka is too small (separated by Palk Strait and Gulf of Munnar), the fishermen of both countries come in the territorial water of each other violating international laws.


Both countries conduct bilateral joint defence exercises named Mitra Shakti (Indian and Sri Lankan Army) and SLINEX (Indian and Sri Lankan Navy).

International Level:

Both the countries are part of multi state organizations like BIMSTEC & SAARC.

India & Sri Lanka is also a part of 47 nation UNHRC.

Improving relations:

Sri Lanka supports India’s SAGAR Mission

India has offered Line of Credit of $ 400 million to Sri Lanka for Infrastructure projects

About Sri Lanka:

Capital – Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte

President – Gotabaya Rajapaksa




The E-tendering portal was launched by the Power grid


Objectives of the launch:

– Ease of Doing Business

– Less Paperwork

– Transparency in the process

– Time will be saved

USA, UK, European Countries, and Canada have imposed sanctions on Chinese officials in a coordinated effort


The decision was taken following the human rights violations in Xinjiang province.

Sanctions consists of Travel bans, and freezing of assets.

China is accused of keeping Uighur Muslims in its camp which China has claimed as Vocational Training Centres to counter extremism. 

GD & Lecturette:

Points can be used in lecturette topic against China

Hyprocrytic Behaviour of China

Disability of Pakistan

Xinjiang Province:

Strategically one of the most important provinces of China

Shares land with 8 countries (Pakistan. India. Russia. Afghanistan)

It consists of abundant natural resources like minerals. 




Union Cabinet has signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Japan on Water resources


It will help in sharing:

– Knowledge

– Information

– Technology


To develop long-term cooperation in the field of water, water technology and Delta Management.

It will help India to achieve:

– Water Security

– Improved Irrigation Facility

– Sustainable Development of Water Resources




Mahindra Defence signed a contract with Indian Army for 1300 Armoured Light Specialist Vehicles


Contract Worth – 1056 Cr

Expected Time Line – 4 Years

1st Armored Vehicle Project to be completely designed in India with Intellectual property rights within India.


Used for Counter Terrorist Operations.

Carries Machine Guns, Automatic Grenade Launchers, Small Arms Fire, and ATGMs.