Historic re-election victory of New Zealand PM Ardern

On 17 October, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won the most critical election in 50 years for the centre-left Labour Party. She got this reward for her decisive activities to the covid-19 pandemic. It is the first time she could form the single-party government. Labour party was set to win 64 out of 120 seats in the parliament.

Votes were counted with 95% of ballots, 49% of Labour, and 27% of National.


UK and EU to discuss the structure of Post-Brexit Trade Talks

British and European negotiators- Mr Johnson and Daniel Ferrie will be meeting for the discussion on the structure of post-Brexit trade talks. They will get in touch on October 19 even though London’s threat was to walk away on October 16.



Science-Society-Setu webinar series initiated on October 15

Science-Society-Setu for Atmanirbhar Bharat initiated on October 15 to strengthen the technology-driven pillars and the social infrastructure. It will cover the sectors “MSME and Economic Sector,  Agriculture and Allied Sector, Cross-Sectoral Areas and Social Infrastructure”. It has been organised with DST also having a partnership with the office of Principal Scientific Advisor, WWF-India, HESCO, India Science Technology and Innovation Portal AGNIi and FICCI.

Professor Ashutosh Sharma stressed on the importance of NGOs for the sustainable development of the knowledge ecosystem.

New prospects of bioinspired materials for energy and biotechnology sector

Researchers of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Science and Research have developed a synthetic mimic. They made it adaptive to control the size and dispersity based on chemical reaction networks. They utilised simple natural design principles. Hence, the materials would be regarded as recyclables polymers for the energy and biotechnology centre.