Former SC judge Lokur and volunteer students saving NCR from stubble burning pollution

The former Supreme Court Judge Madan B. Lokur along with the student volunteer forces from the National Cadet Corps, The Bharat Scouts, and Guides and the National Service Scheme will protect NCR Delhi from stubble burning pollution caused by Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

Judge Madan B Lokur is specially appointed for the monitoring and prevention of stubble burning. Student forces having transportation will be patrolling fields and highways. Nodal officers and mobile teams will report to the committee. Also, EPCA would be consulting on the issue.


India ranks 94 out of 107 countries in the hunger index

India with the highest share of wasted children under 5 years ranks it 94 out of 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index. It reflects that India has acute undernutrition and child wasting. Child stunting, child mortality, and undernourishment have though improved but still in the poorest category.

Nearly 690 million people are suffering from undernourishment globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. 37 countries are almost failing to reach their goals of reducing the hunger level.

Declining star formation in Milky way: New Research

The new research by astronomers team from the Pune based NCRA-TIFR and RRI  in Bengaluru used the upgraded GMRT for the measurement of the atomic hydrogen content of galaxies. The research shows that the atomic gas would be consumed by star formation within one or two billion years, and if it did not acquire more gas, there would be a decline in star formation activity.


Students’ protests in Thailand

Noticing the angry youth’s activities of shaking the countries’ royal and political establishments with the protests, Thailand’s government has declared the censoring of the media and ban on public gatherings.

The root cause of protests goes back to 2014 coup. Then, the protests were triggered by the top court decision of dissolving the pro-democracy Future-Forward Party.

Students of schools and colleges are demanding the separation of the Crown Property Bureau and the king’s assets. Also, they ask for the ban on the political views of the king and want to cut the palace’s share in the national budget. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s resignation is also demanded. On the 15th of October, the protesting students have issued the emergency decree too.

The icons and symbols are from the Harry Potter and The Hunger Game, books, and films.