India designated as the Vice-Chair of GLP Working Group of OECD

India has been designated on the position of Vice-Chair of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) working group of the organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD). GLP involved by OECD is to ensure the safety data generation on various chemicals that the regulatory authorities can rely upon.

Indian activities in GLP TFs involve 2 types of test items and 9 areas of expertise.


Zozila Tunnel construction begins 

Zozila Tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir has come under construction on 15th October. There will be the construction of 14.15 Km long tunnel at an altitude of about 3000 m within the construction period of 6 years.

 It is to connect Srinagar valley and Leh on NH-1, and it will also bring economic and social-cultural integration of Jammu and Kashmir.

There are some safety features of Zozila Tunnel that includes CCTV cameras, video surveillance system, telephones, emergency lay-bys, entrance lighting fire extinguishers, and traffic control system.


India: Amongst the largest manufacturers and exporters of generic medicines across the world

India comes into the list of the largest manufacturers and exporters of generic medicines across the world. India’s supply of HCQ and Azithromycin under treatment protocol for covid-19 treatment to 120 countries across the world has made it a reliable supplier of medicines. Only India has the largest number of U.S-FDA  complaint Pharma plants.

165 billion dollars is the market size of chemicals and petrochemicals sector in India.


Virtual edition of national awards for excellence in PSU awarded to team TRIFED for investment in start-Ups

The team of TRIFED members led by Shri Krishna have won the virtual edition of National Awards for Excellence- PSU held on October 14, 2020, for their efforts of transforming lives of the tribal population.

Its mission is to build Atmanirbhar tribal India.



India and France: Re-elected as President and Co-president of the ISA at the Assembly

On October 14, India and France has been re-elected as the President and Co-President of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the virtual meeting of the third assembly. The positions are for a term of 2 years. 53 Member countries, 34 ISA Members ministers, and 5 signatory and prospective member countries participated in the Assembly.

Also, 4 new Vice-Presidents were chosen, and assembly has approved the initiatives of the ISA for its engagement with the private and public corporate sector through CSCA.

It launched the 7th program on Solarising Heating and Cooling systems.


Advanced high-resolution Air Quality Early Warning System for India and Delhi, operationalised by IMD

Global emission inventories CAMS-GLOB v2.1 with EDGAR v4.3.2 has been implemented in the Air Quality forecast model System for Integrated modelling of Atmospheric Composition (SILAM) for India.

For Delhi, a high-resolution city scale model ENFUSER has been operationalised.


Approval for MoU between India and Australia for sustainable groundwater management

The Union Cabinet chaired by Shri Narendra Modi approved the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Central Groundwater Board (CGWB), India and MARVI partners, Australia.

MoU is with a mission of promoting cooperation in education, research, surface and groundwater training for water security.


Rise to 90% of GDP in Public Debt Ratio

India’s public debt ratio is forecasted to increase with 17% to almost 90% due to increased public spending on covid-19. There has been a fall in tax revenue and economic activity.



Cabinet approves school education reform project

The Union Cabinet has approved the STARS program to reform the governance of school education, improve teaching and learning outcomes in six states, and data and assessment systems at the national level. The project is expected to have a total cost of Rs 5,718 crores and the World Bank would partially fund it.

Similarly, another project will be funded by the Asian Development Bank, which will cover Gujarat Uttrakhand Jharkhand Tamilnadu and Assam.


Special House Session to counter farm laws

Punjab Government has called for the special Assembly session on 19th of October to counter the central agriculture sector laws. It was decided in the Cabinet meeting in which 33% reservation of women as the direct recruitment in Punjab civil services was also confirmed.

It has also approved the State Implement Plan 2020-22 and allowed to notify the rules of the Punjab Slum Dwellers Act 2020.

Furthermore, it approved the Punjab Tissue Culture Based Seed Potato Bill 2020.


Diesel generators in NCR: Ban

Noticing the poor air quality of Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram according to CPCB, the Environment Pollution Authority has announced a ban on diesel generators from 15th October to control air pollution.

The EPCA has demanded the immediate supply of machinery to farmers to control stubble burning.

The ban on generator sets will impact 15,000 residents in millennium City.


HC asks Centre for a response on the petition of same-sex couples

Delhi High Court asked the union government to respond to the 2 petitions of same-sex couples. The petitions are to allow the implementation of SMA and FMA act on any team regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.