Union Cabinet approved India – UAE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for scientific and technical cooperation


Ministry of Earth Sciences of India and National Centre of Meteorology has signed a MoU on Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

MoU includes

–       Scientists from both countries will cooperate and exchange expertise for the purpose of tropical cyclones forecasting.

–       Research work in Tsunami Early Warning Centre Cooperation.

–       Research in the field of seismology that includes seismic activities to find out the potential Tsunami waves in the Arabian Sea and Oman Sea.

–       Teams from both the team will do research work in order to cooperate in Early Warning Sand and Dust Storms. 

India UAE Bilateral Relations

–       The two countries share a strong bond due to their cultural, economic, religious, and defence ties.

–       About 7 million Indian diaspora lives in the Gulf region of which 2.8-3 million only live in the UAE.

–       To maintain stability in the region and a business-friendly atmosphere with India, UAE is ready to invest in the Indian Economy.

–       The growing threat of terrorism and due to other emanating security issues UAE finds a good friend in India.

–       UAE invests about 11 billion USD in India of which almost half the money is in the form of Foreign Exchange Development.

–       UAE is the third-largest trade partner of India after the USA & China.

–       An air exercise between the Air Forces of both countries named Desert Eagle is being conducted for several years.



Pan India Vaccination drive for the priority group

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the pan India Covid-19 vaccination drive on 16th January.

–       The drive will be the largest covid-19 drive though a similar drive has been already rolled out in the third week of December in the USA.

–       During the launch of the drive total of 3006 session sites will be connected across all the States and the Union Territories.

–       Initially, 100 beneficiaries will be vaccinated on each session site.

–       In the initial phase, healthcare workers of both government and private sectors will be receiving the vaccine.

–       Real-time monitoring of vaccine stocks, storage temperature, etc. will be done.

–       A dedicated call center has been established to administer the stock and to monitor the doses of the COVISHIELD & COVAXIN though a sufficient number of doses have already been shifted across all the states and Union Territories.

Note: CoWIN is the digital platform developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to monitor real-time situations at the 3006 session sites.

Prarambh: Start-up India International Summit


Indian Prime Minister will address the interactive session Prarambh: Startup India International Summit. The two-day summit was organized by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, a department that works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry headed by Piyush Goyal.

In BIMSTEC 2018 summit the Prime Minister has announced to host the BIMSTEC Startup Conclave, as a follow-up of the announcement the summit was organized.

Objective of the Summit

  • To strengthen the startup ecosystems and collectively develop multilateral cooperation and engagement with countries across the world.
  • The summit also marks the 5th commencement anniversary of India’s Startup Initiative which was launched by the Prime Minister on 16th January 2016.
  • Global Speakers from more than 25 countries will be participating in the summit.


BIMSTEC countries: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Combined GDP: 2.5 Trillion USD

Combined Population: 1.5 billion



National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on a to visit Afghanistan


NSA Ajit Doval is on a visit to Afghanistan to talk on strategic issues with Afghan leadership.

–       The visit is probably the negotiation meeting between the Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation and the Taliban.

–       Doha Peace Pact was signed in Doha 2020 under the supervision of the USA between the representatives of the Ghani government and the Taliban, which ultimately refers to the exclusion of the USA from Afghanistan.

–       The meeting will be focused on synchronizing efforts to maintain the peace and stability of the region and to counter terrorism, as it would be very difficult after the withdrawal of the US troops.

–       As per the Doha Pact, the US troupes will withdraw gradually from the Afghan terrain within 14 months.

–       The pact also demands the promise from the Taliban that it would not permit al-Qaeda and ISIS to use Afghan territory.

India’s efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan

  1. Though India doesn’t want any terrorist organization’s existence in any kind of talks, India still attended the Doha Pact’s inaugural dialogue for sake of temporary peace and stability in the region.
  2. Also, India always supported the Afghan-led, Afghan-controlled, Afghan-owned peace process and asks for national sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan so that democracy and human rights can be promoted.
  3. India also has invested a considerable amount of money to fulfill the basic need of the country (E.g. India Afghanistan Friendship Dam: Salma Dam) and to inculcate the democratic values in the country, the Assembly house of Afghanistan was funded and constructed by India so that democratic values can be flourished in the country by discussion of national issues in the house.

Oldest Cave Art of the World was found in Indonesia


A life-sized painting of a wild pig at least 45,500 years old was discovered by a team of archaeologists in Indonesia. The painting was found in the Sulawesi Island of Indonesia at Tedongnge Cave situated in the remote valley on the island.


–       The painting depicts a male Sulawesi warty pig.

–       The pigs were the most commonly depicted animal of the ice age found in paintings discovered at the island of Sulawesi.

–       Red Ochre was used to paint the reddish painting.

Oldest Painting

–       The painting is considered the oldest one as the age it is expected to be as old as 45000 years.

–       The previous painting considered the oldest was approximately 43,900 years old.

–       The painting found in the limestone caves refers to the social interaction of warty pigs.

Notable Caves Painting in India

Ajanta: Famous fresco paintings of dying princesses, preaching Lord Buddha, flying apsara, etc. are situated at the Aurangabad District (Recently was in controversy as the discussion was going on to change the cities name to Sambhaji Nagar) of Maharashtra.


  1. Fresco paintings are generally wall work or ceiling art by applying pigment.
  2. Ellora: The site is globally famous for the largest monolithic excavation- the great Kailas. It is also situated in the Aurangabad District, Maharashtra.
  3. Bhimbetka: The location consists of the oldest paintings of the world. Situated at the foothills of the Vindhya Mountain Ranges, the Bhimbetka is situated between the town of Hoshangabad and the state capital of Madhya Pradesh.




Outlay Rangit-IV project in Sikkim is estimated at Rs. 943.20 crore


National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) has signed an agreement to implement a resolution for the takeover of 120 Megawatts Rangit-IV HE projects. The Jalpower Corporation Limited project is estimated as Rs. 943.20 crore.

National Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Miniratna Category-I Company.


Chairman & MD – Abhay Singh

HQ – Faridabad, Haryana




The Prime Minister of Estonia Mr Juri Ratas resigned from his post


The Prime Minister of Estonia was forced to resign as he was accused of corruption in the Covid-19 relief fund.

–       Kaja Kallas will be the new Prime Minister as the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid has nominated her.

–       Kaja Kallas will be the first female prime minister of the nation.




D Prakash Rao, a renowned social worker passed away


Padma Shri Awardee and renowned social worker Mr. D Prakash Rao has passed away due to a brain stroke. He belonged to Cuttack, Odisha. To boost the value of education in the slums of the city he belonged to, he was awarded a Padma Shri Award. A tea seller by profession, Mr. Prakash had started a school named ‘Asha O Ashwasana’ in the year 2000. The school was run from his earnings.