Energy Conservation Day


Energy Conservation Day is celebrated each year on 14 December and the day emphases on making people conscious of global warming and environment variation and encourages efforts towards safeguarding energy resources.

The National Energy Conservation Day is being observed every year on December 14 since 1991. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under Ministry of Power heads the festivities each year.


The objective to rejoice the National Energy Conservation Day is to drive mass consciousness about the status of energy efficacy and management.

The yearly energy preservation awards identify innovation and accomplishments in energy protection by the manufacturing firms, buildings, railways, state chosen agencies; creators of BEE star labelled appliances, electricity supply firms, municipalities and increase awareness that energy preservation plays a big role in India’s response in mitigating global warming through energy reserves. The honors are also acknowledgment of their established assurance to energy conservation and proficiency. The scheme has driven industry and other institutions to implement energy efficacy procedures.

39 sub-sectors of Industry, thermal power places, office structures, BPO structures, hostels, clinics, shopping center, railway garages, railway stations, cities, State Designated Agencies and manufacturers of BEE Star labelled equipments and electricity supply firms are counted in the Awards. Altogether there are 56 Sub-sectors from the above key areas.

Electrical energy savings is measured in terms of corresponding avoided capacity (mw) per year by the contributing units through execution of energy conservation projects.



What is Micro-climatic Zone Shifting?


The study on “Preparing India for climate events” was just published by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water and this is the initial period when the extreme weather incident hotspots in India have been planned

Key conclusions

The randomness, concentration and occurrence of extreme events in India has augmented. The extreme climate events observed by India from 1970 to 2005 were 250. In contrast, India observed 310 extreme weather events amid 2005 and 2020.

The study has found that occurrence of flood actions has enlarged by eight times in the last 50 years in the country.

According to the study over 40% of Indian districts are fronting shift in pattern of life-threatening events. The study also says that nearby 75% of Indian districts that are household to 638 million people have now become hotspots of extreme climate events. The extreme climate events include overflows, cyclones, warmth and cold surfs. This modification in climatic arrangements in a small region or a district is called micro climatic zone shifting.

Maharashtra is the utmost affected state of the micro climatic zone shifting and over 80% of the districts in Maharashtra are susceptible to drought like conditions.

What is micro climatic zone shifting faced by Maharashtra?

Over 80 percentage of Maharashtrian districts are susceptible to drought. The capital city Mumbai alone has saw more than threefold growth in life-threatening floods in the previous fifty years.

The micro climatic zones are areas where the weather conditions are unlike from the nearby areas. The key details identified for the micro climatic zone shifting are vanishing wetlands, variation in land use forms, violation on natural ecologies and urban high temperature Landmass. The urban high temperature Landmass happens when a city or area experiences higher temperatures as equated to its adjoining rural extents. These urban heat Landmass traps heat nearby and is a main reason of micro climatic zone shifting.

Way forward

The study commends that democratization of weather and temperature related data is vital for building climate robust nations. Acceptance of risk calculation principles are equally significant for protection of the Indian farming, large-scale structure projects and manufacturing.

India’s Ankita bags doubles title of ITF women’s tennis tournament 


Ankita Raina of India uniting Ekaterine Gorgodze of Georgia, won the doubles title beating Aliona Bolsova Zadoinov of Spain and Kaja Juvan of Slovenia 6-­4, 3­-6, [10­-6] in the final of the ITF women’s tennis tournament in Dubai on 12 December, 2020.

About ITF Women’s Tennis Tournament:

The 2020 International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women’s World Tennis Tour is a second-tier excursion for women’s professional tennis and it is planned by the International Tennis Federation and is a tier lower than the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour. The ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour comprises tournaments with prize cash ranging from $15,000 to $100,000.

The ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour is the creation of improvements intended to backing talented junior players in their development to the senior game, and aim the flagship cash efficiently at professional tournaments to empower more players to make a living.

The ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour was postponed amid 13 March to 16 August owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, only 156 games were held in the 2020 season, 398 play-offs less than in 2019.



Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2020


Verstappen claims his first pole of season Red Bull’s Max Verstappen clinched his maiden pole of the campaign on Saturday for the season­ ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Dutch driver edged Valterri Bottas in second and the Finn’s Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, racing for the first time since contracting COVID­19, in third.

About Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race and it was declared in early 2007 at the Abu Dhabi F1 Event in the United Arab Emirates. The primary race took place in November 2009 at the Hermann Tilke designed Yas Marina Circuit.

In June 2008 the FIA proclaimed the short-term 2009 Formula One calendar including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as the 19th and concluding race of the season on 15 November. On 5 November 2008, however, it was proclaimed that the competition would be held as the term finale on 1 November, two weeks before the originally planned date, as the 17th and ending race.

The introductory race was Formula One’s first ever day–night race, opening at 17:00 local time. Beams used to lighten the circuit and the switches were turned on from the start of the occasion to confirm a seamless transition from daylight to dimness. Following Abu Dhabi Grands Prix have also been day–night competitions.

About Max Verstappen:

Max Emilian Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver presently contending in Formula One, under the Dutch flag, with Red Bull Racing. At the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, when he was aged 17 years, 166 days, he became the youngest driver to contest in Formula One. He holds numerous other “firsts” in Formula One racing.



Eminent Malayalam writer U.A. Khader dead


Eminent author U.A. Khader, who developed Malayalam language and literature with his exceptional style, died at a private hospital on 12 December. An active member in mythical and social meetings for decades, the 85-year-old was under treatment for cancer for sometime, family sources said. A receiver of various honours, counting the Sahitya Akademi award, he had authored hundreds of records, including novels and short stories

About U.A. Khader:

A. Khader (1935 – 12 December 2020) was an Indian writer. He published in Malayalam, including short stories, novels, travelogues and non-fiction. His works have been interpreted to various dialects including English, Hindi and Kannada. He was a receiver of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 2009 for his novella Thrikkottur Novellakal and had prior acknowledged the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in 1983 for Thrikkottur Peruma.

Khader begun his writing career by writing for magazines and weeklies. His first story was printed in the Malayalam weekly, Chandrika, in 1953 and the story was grounded on a real-life incident in which the writer had to sell his wristwatch to buy a dinner set as a wedding gift for a friend. Khader had inscribed quite austerely about his father and step-mother in the unique draft which was later strengthened when he handed over the story to C. H. Mohammed Koya, who had it twisted before publishing it in Chandrika. Khader would take Koya’s note and leave his own individual stories out of his works through his profession, with the note that the story was not a space for the author’s own grief, but should in its place talk to society.

He was the leader of Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham, a group of artists, authors and art and literature fanatics based in Kerala. Over his career, he penned over 70 books spanning short stories, literature and non-fiction novels, and travelogues. Some of his prominent works included Arippravinte Premam, Thrikkottur Peruma, Aghorasivam, Theeram, Raziya Sultana, Arabikadalinte, Chempavizham, Kalasam, Khuraisikkoottam, and Krishnamaniyile Theenaalam, Kathe Pole Jeevitham, Shathru and Srishtavinte Khajana. His records were translated into many tongues including English, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi.

Khader worked with the Kerala state administration’s health department managerial division between 1964 and 1990. Throughout this time, he was delegated to the Kozhikode Akashvani (Radio) division between 1967 and 1972. He had also operated briefly with the Organization of Maternal and Child Health under the Government Medical College in Kozhikode.

Pact reached on Shahtoot dam, promise to be signed soon: MEA


India and Afghanistan are expected to sign an agreement on construction of the Shahtoot dam shortly, the government said on 11 December,2020. Replying to a query on External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s statement at the Geneva Donors discussion lately that India will be building the Shahtoot Dam, MEA’s official spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said the minister had made the declaration that India and Afghanistan have reached an arrangement on the dam. The arrangement is predictable to be signed soon, he added.



Ramanujan Prize for young Mathematicians, 2020


The Ramanujan Prize for Mathematicians for the year 2020 was offered to Dr Carolina Arajuo who  is a mathematician from the Institution for Pure and Applied Mathematics in Rio de Janerio.

About the Ramanujan Prize for Mathematicians

It is the prize sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology in association with International Centre for Theoretical Physics and International Mathematical Union and the resources are provided through the Albel Funds.

The flagship is awarded each year to new mathematicians who are less than 45 years of age to conduct outstanding study in a evolving nation. The honor is offered in the reminiscence of Srinivasa Ramanujan

It is also termed the ICTP Ramanujan Prize. This prize is offered by the International Centre of Theoretical Physics situated in Italy.

Dr Carolina Arajuo

She is the foremost non-Indian female mathematician to obtain the prize. She has specialised in birational geometry, arithmetical geometry, Fano variabilities and foliations. Additionally, she is the Vice President at the International Mathematical Union.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

He was an Indian statistician who lived between 1887 and 1920 and he has made important contributions to number system, mathematical study, infinite sequence and constant segments. His works were recognised by Hardy, an English mathematician. Hardy asked Ramanujan to Cambridge University in 1913. But, in 1919, Hepatic Amoebiasis enforced Ramanujan to return to India. Later, he was detected with Tuberculosis.

Hepatic Amoebiasis

The Hepatic Amoebiasis is accountable for more than 100,000 demises per year in the world. It is a sickness caused due to amoebic contaminations.

International Mathematical Union

It is an international non-governmental organization. The IMU is a member of International Congress of Mathematicians. The main objective of the Union is to promote international cooperation in mathematics and other universal scientific conferences and meetings.

Hardy-Ramanujan Number

1729 is Hardy Ramanujan Number. When Hardy go to see Ramanujan in hospital, Ramanujan stated Hardy that 1729 is the smallest number that can be expressed as sum of two cubes in two different ways.

1729 = 13 + 123 = 93 +103.



Indian Myanmar Joint Meeting on Drug Regulator Procedures


 The fifth India-Myanmar Joint Meeting on Drug Control Operation was lately held. Throughout the meet, the Narcotics Control Bureau of India besides the Central Committee on Drug Abuse Control of Myanmar settled to discuss timely data to conduct follow up examination on new psychotropic ingredients, drug captures. Also, they decided to conduct consistent field level officer conferences, boundary level officers meet amid frontline officers to expand the cooperation on drug control enforcement.


Conferring to the recently out Smuggling in India report, 2020, Mizoram has arisen as one of the main drug marketing routes from Myanmar. Artificial drugs and Yaba drugs are being trafficked into the North East from Myanmar. This is mostly because the Golden Triangle area where the boundary of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet has swapped its production of meth into a more profitable job than diamorphine. Also, the meth is called “Yaba” in Thailand and “baba” in Bangladesh.


India and Myanmar are constructing a three-sided highway and the Kaladan Multi-modal Transit Transport Project. The multimodal scheme will connect Kolkata to Sittwe and also, the development will connect Myanmar’s Kaladan waterway to India’s North East.

India is worried over the radical groups of North Eastern Region housing in Myanmar. These are National Democratic Front of Bodoland and the United National Liberation Front and In May 2020, Myanmar gave 22 cadres of Indian rebellious groups.

India and Myanmar lately signed ten agreements in various arenas such as energy, wellbeing, infrastructure, communication. The present two-pronged trade between the nations stand at 1.7 billion USD. India is the fifth main exchange companion of Myanmar.

Why is Myanmar vital for India?

Myanmar is the lone ASEAN nation neighboring India. On the word of India, Myanmar is a doorway to South East Asia. India has laid stress to boost collaboration with Myanmar underneath its Act East Policy and Neighbourhood First Policy.