‘Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) of 146 National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, 2018-19’


‘Management Effectiveness Evaluation of 146 NP & WLS in India, 2018-19’ report has released by MoEFCC; Tirthan & Sainj Wild Life Sanctuaries is located in Himachal Pradesh.

–       The report showcases the effectiveness of Protected Areas.

–       The report is prepared by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change.

–       Present mean score of MEE in India is 62.01% slightly more than the global mean which 56%.

–       The report ranks 5 National Parks & Wild Life Sanctuaries.

–       The assessment is based on World Commission on protected Areas framework of MEE.

–       It is calculated considering 30 indicators.


Eastern region of India has highest overall mean MEE Score.

Turtle WLS has the lowest score.

Top rankers

1) Great Himalayan NP & Tirthan WLS: 84.17

2) Sainj WLS: 82.5

3) Raiganj WLS: 81.03

4) Jaldapara (WB): 80.83

Under Wildlife Protection Act, four Protected Areas in India

  • National Parks
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Conservation Reserves
  • Community Reserves



Nation remembers Swami Vivekananda on National Youth day to honor his teachings


Year 2021 marks the celebration of 158th birth anniversary of the legend.   12th January 1863 is the birth date of Swami Vivekananda. The day is celebrated as National Youth Day from 1984-85.

National Youth Festival (NYF) & National Youth Parliament Festival (NYPF)

Opening ceremony of 24th NYF & Closing ceremony of 2nd NYPF is observed in the Central Hall of Parliament

National Youth Parliament Festival

The day was observed on 12th Jan 2021. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will address the festival through video conferencing.

Objective of National Youth Parliament Festival

–       To set a platform for youths aged between 18 to 25 years so that can raise their voices.

–       To inculcate the decision making abilities in youth.

–       To engage youth in public issues, allow them to understand it, generate their opinion and express it in an articulated manner.

–       To develop tolerance for the views of people.

–       To respect views of fellow citizens.

–       To make their views available for parliamentarians.

–       To develop an understanding regarding different rules that are important for discussion

Swami Vivekananda

–       Indian Philosophies Vedanta & Yoga was introduced to the Western World.

–       Disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

–       Founder of Ramkrishna Math & the Ramkrishna Mission (entire campus in West Bengal is known as Belur Math).

–       Death- 4th July 1902.

30th National Energy Awards 2020 is organized by Minister of State for Power & New Renewable Energy


Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) along with Ministry of Power has organized 30th National Energy Conservation Awards 2020 in a function led by RK Singh Minister of State for Power & New Renewable Energy.

–       Five sectors were ranked for their energy conservation and energy efficiency initiatives.

–       These five sectors were Industry, Transport, Building, Institution & Appliances.


It is a portal developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency to monitor the real time progress of implementation of various Energy Conservation steps at the State level.

Key Facts

–       India, globally possess lowest per capita emission & per capita energy consumption.

–       Targets: Reduce emission intensity to 33-35% by 2030; Renewable Energy Targets by 2030.



Dzukou valley is found on the borders on Nagaland & Manipur


Located at the borders of the states of Nagaland & Manipur. The valley is famous for the Dzukou Lily. It is located on the National Highway-2 & Asian Highway-1.



Recently Atomic Minerals Directorate has found the Lithium resources in Karnataka


The mineral was found in the surveys of Atomic Minerals Directorate.  The Alkali metal is the most vital element for Lithium ion batteries found in Laptops, Mobile Phones, Electric Vehicles, etc.

India has signed Lithium import agreements from Argentina & Bolivia. Currently, China rules the Lithium ion batteries production units.

Exercise Sea Vigil


It is a biennial exercise undertaken along the 7516 km long coastline and EEZ of India. It involves 13 Coastal States & Union Territories. The first edition was conducted in the year January 2019. The reorganization of coastal security was done after 26/11 and this exercise will allow for real time assessment of our maritime security.



‘Indian Cities in Post Pandemic World’ Report


The report was published by the World Economic Forum. It showcases the urban challenges that were further increased due the pandemic. It refers that how unfolding pandemic has been catastrophic for urban India. Urban India (Indian Cities) will play vital roles to rejoice Indian Economy after the pandemic, as cities account for nearly 70% of economy.

Various facts have been unveiled in the report, like in every minute 25 to 30 people migrate to cities from villages. This eventually leads to expansion of slums and huge urban poor population and forced them to rely on very few resources, poor health condition, etc.

The report also suggests that 35% of the household cannot afford households in the city.



Heliophysics Missions


To study the Sun and systems that runs space weather close to earth, the NASA had approved two heliophysics missions. This mission will help to understand the physics that operates the solar wind which eventually help to predict the solar explosions. The mission will help to understand the interconnected systems of the Earth and the Sun.



Kayakalp Awards


The Kayakalp award refers to the Public Health and Private Health Facilities sanitation & hygiene. This year the 5th edition of the award was celebrated. The award was launched in May, 2015.


–       To spread awareness related to cleanliness, hygiene & healthcare facilities.

–       To inculcate sustainable practices of hygiene in the society.

Other Initiatives

Mera Aspataal: Under the scheme Patient’s reaction is captured, so that the corrective measures can be taken in order to provide good services to the citizen.

Swachh Swasth Sarvatra: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare along with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has launched this program. Under which Community Health Centres situated within Open Defecation Block gets a 10 lakh rupees grant under National Health Mission.