Physical distribution of Property Cards under the SVAMITVA Scheme

On 11th October via video conferencing, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched the physical distribution of property cards under the SVAMITA scheme. On the same day, there was the birth anniversary of Jai Prakash Narayan and Nana Ji Deshmukh, the two great leaders The beneficiaries of SVAMITA scheme have received the property cards of their houses. Around 1 lakh property holders have handed over their legal papers, and they will receive their property cards in the next 3-4 years.

In this way now villagers can take loans or any other financial benefit through the property cards.  It is the step towards an AtmaNirbhar Bharat to make India self-reliant.


The appeal of RBI to SC to allow NPA classification

The Reserve Bank of India has appealed to the Supreme Court to allow Non-Performing Asset (NPA) in loans classification. It is so because the situation of a ban imposed on helping borrowers in the pandemic can badly affect the nation’s financial system. It will also undermine the regulatory mandate of the Central Bank.

RBI offers a moratorium on loan payments to the borrowers up to 6 months and also permit restructuring the accounts one time.

Last week the government also decided to waive the compound interest on Rs 20 million of loans under the COVID-19 support plan.



Protest of China against US Navy mission in the South China Sea

China dispatched planes and ships to track the destroyer of U.S. guided-missile John S. McCain. It was passing in the South China sea near Chinese held islands. U.S. warship was accused of trespassing into Chinese territorial water. Beijing demanded the U.S. to stop these sort of actions that violate China’s security, peace, sovereignty, and stability.

However, the claims of the entire South China Sea by China are counterclaimed by Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, and Vietnam too.



The biological plant virus uncovered

Researchers from the National Centre of Biological Sciences Bangalore has discovered the new biological plant virus called Synedrella Yellow Vein Clearing Virus. They also discovered the plants it attacks as the virus was isolated from the plant called  Synederella nodiflora. The virus infects tobacco and tomato plant.

The virus belongs to the begomovirus family. Researching the arms race, it is discovered that the virus attacks the plant and the plant defends itself with its defences by destroying the virus. Then, the virus instance counter-counter-attack. The plant target the protein called BetaC1 that helps the virus to infect and prevail intracellular movements within the plant.