GI Tag to Tezpur Litchi

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority which is shortly known as APEDA has declared that Assam’s Tezpur Litchi is already granted the GI suffix, while the name Litchi was on the GI label chart since 2015. The order for GI labelling was made by North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Company Ltd (NERAMAC) on 28 August 2013.

Tezpur Litchi of Assam has the geographical indication (GI) marks, which make this item an indisputable proof of its origin in the state and shield it from development elsewhere. Litchi from Tezpur is renowned for its excellent consistency, good taste, juicy pulp and attractive red colour.

Geographical indication:

A geographical indication shall be used for a product of particular geographical origin which, due to its place of origin, achieves its uniqueness or prestige. A submission must be lodged with the Office of the General Controller of Trademarks, Designs and Trade Marks. Progress has been verified by the APEDA, a supreme body under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Union, which is responsible for encouraging the export of agricultural commodities.



Observation of National Legal Services Authority 2020

In our country, the 9th day of November is observed annually as National Legal Services Day according to all Legal Services Members to mark the promulgation of the Legal Services Authority Act 1987. The Day is celebrated to let people be aware of the several provisions of the Law on Legal Care Authority and the law of the litigants. The purpose of celebrating this day is to provide affordable, competent and legal services to citizens belonging to the poorest parts of society. It further aims to ensure the provision of affordable care to poorer parts of society and to make them aware of their interests.

The Legal Services Authority Act 1987 was passed on 11th October 1987, and the Act came into force on 9th November 1995. The day was set in 1995 by the Supreme Court of India to provide assistance and help to the needy and the poorest parts of society.

It was founded with a mandate to provide assistance and protection to a vulnerable and disadvantaged community of groups of people who could be women, persons with disabilities, Scheduled Tribes (STs), children, Scheduled Castes (SCs), victims of trafficking in human beings and victims of natural disasters.



Marg ERP and Paytm’s partnership to resolve issues online

One of India’s largest supplier of business solutions, Marg ERP, with over 50 per cent market share in the pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors nationally, has come along with Paytm to enable smooth transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Under this joint venture, the duo empowers MSME to use the new MargPay advanced payment solution developed by MARG ERP Restricted. This technical development would effectively reconcile payments cost-effectively by allowing small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of both their refunds and payments made using various payment methods.

What’s the MargPay?

MARGPAY is a simple-to-use application with a user-friendly GUI. It would also be very convenient for traders to connect to their billing and accounting networks with limited effort. Besides, this collaboration of two of the country’s digital giants will also apply to Paytm Payments Bank Limited, which will power Marg Pay’s nodal bank account.

China’s successful 13 satellites launched with one rocket

On 6th November 2020, China tested 13 satellites through one rocket. Of those 13 satellites, 10 have been from Argentina. This would be the country’s first flight of foreign satellites.

Main highlights of this:

Satellites being launched in the Long March 6 carrier rocket. It would be the 351st satellite launch of the Long March sequence. China has positioned satellites from a range of countries in orbit, including its close ally, Pakistan.

China’s Potential Space Program:

China is to build a temporary Chinese space station by 2022. Tianwen-1 is a Chinese Mars mission. The spacecraft would land in Mars in 2021 and would be established in July 2020.



Radio Burst spotted by NASA

NASA confirmed that a combination of X-ray and radio signals had not been detected in the Milky Way previously.

Considerably, the flare-up detected included the first rapid radio burst (FRB) seen in the galaxy.

Who finds out about the overlapping pulses in the Milky Way?

Several satellites, including NASA’s Wind mission, observed the X-ray component of the overlapping bursts.

The radio portion was detected by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME), which is a radio telescope based at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia.

A NASA-funded platform named Survey for Transient Astronomical Radio Emission 2 (STARE2) has identified a radio burst observed by CHIME.



Fifteenth Finance Commission

About Finance Commission:

Finance Commission is a constitutional body, that determines the formula and method for distribution of taxes and other financial matters between the Centre and states. It was set up under article 280. Its other responsibilities include recommending the sharing of taxes and evaluating the state of finances.

Reports submitted by Fifteenth Finance Commission:

Finance Commission had to submit two reports in which it has tabled one consisting of recommendations for the financial year 2020-21 in Parliament and the other has been submitted to the President of India, yet to be in the public domain.

Terms of Reference (ToR):

The commission was asked for recommendations on different issues in reference. It was asked to examine and recommend performance incentives for States. Moreover, it needed to answer whether a separate mechanism for funding of Defence and security is needed or not. If yes, how it can be operationalised.



Polavaram Project likely to be completed by 2022 Kharif season

Andhra Pradesh government told about its plans of completing the Polavaram project by 2022 Kharif season along with other 6 projects. The other 6 projects are  Vamsadhara-Nagavali link, Vamsadhara-Phase 2, Velugonda-Phase 1, Nellore, Sangam barrages, and Owk tunnel-2.

About the project:

 In the Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Act, the project got the national status in 2014. The dam is under the construction across the Godavari River. Its reservoirs are spread in Orissa states and the parts of Chhattisgarh also. It is a multipurpose major terminal project for the development of hydropower, irrigation, and drinking water facilities. It can facilitate the transfer of inter-basin to the Krishna river basin through the Right canal.



Pfizer vaccine: 90% effective in preventing covid-19 infections during the ongoing phase 3 trials

Pfizer vaccine was 90% effective in the ongoing phase III trials to prevent covid-19 infections. Phase 3 vaccine trial focused on drugmakers is to evaluate the efficiency and safety of a vaccine. It helps in presenting explicit data to global and national bodies which then govern the approval, registry, and distribution of drugs.

About the Pfizer vaccine:

The Pfizer and BioNTech jointly developed the vaccine. It uses messenger RNA (mRNA) Technology. This technology relies on synthetic genes that can be produced even in weeks.

mRNA works by tricking the patient’s immune system to produce harmless viral proteins for robust immune response.

Challenges to face with the vaccine:

Pfizer vaccine requires storage at ultracold temperatures, that does not exist in most of the houses. Another challenge is the uncertainty of how long the vaccine is effective. Moreover, there was also a funding gap of $4.5 billion. It will slow the access to testing, and medicines in low and middle countries.

CCI to investigate Google’s abused position


The case against Google is the multiple instances of abuse of its position. It includes the use of Google play’s in-app billing by developers and pre-installation of GPay on Android OS smartphones. CCI has ordered for an investigation against Google for abuse of its dominant position.

About CCI:

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is the statutory body of the Government of India to regulate competition between firms in the market.

Functions of CCI:

CCI is responsible for implementing the Competition Act 2002, across India and preventing the activities that throw adverse effect on competition. It protects the interests of the consumers and allows the freedom of trade in the markets. Moreover, It creates public awareness and provides training on competition issues along with giving an opinion on references.



20th Summit of SCO Council of Heads of State

About the Summit:

20th Summit of SCO Council of Heads of State was chaired by Mr Vladimir Putin through video conference. Narendra Modi and Imran Khan, the Prime Ministers led the Indian and Pakistan delegation respectively while the other SCO Member States were led by the presidents.


It is the first SCO Summit in a virtual format and third meeting in which India participated after its position of becoming a full member.


Narendra Modi highlighted the reformed multilateralism to help the socially and financially suffered areas after the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained India’s beliefs and actions against illegal weapons, terrorism, money-laundering, and drugs to prevail in security, peace, and prosperity.

He also discussed India’s initiatives including the hold of the food festival in India next year, the first SCO exhibition on Shared Buddhist Heritage, enter translating ten regional language literary works into Chinese and Russian.



National Education Day programme at IIT Bombay

About the programme:

On November 11, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Naishank’, the Union Education Minister inaugurated the National Education Day programme through video conference at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The event was to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, India’s First Education Minister. It is also the same day as National Education Day.



Introducing “Study in India and Stay in India”

“Study in India, Stay in India and Internationalisation of Education” has been started to establish India as the global hub of education.


Director Prof. Subhasis Chadhuri distributed the awards. He praised the National Education Policy 2020 for its comprehensiveness and contribution in the boost of quality education.

Professor Krithi Ramamritham Award for creative research-2019 – Prof. Jayakrishnan Nair for his contributions in “Uncertainty management in the smart, renewable-rich power grid” and Prof. Varun Bhalerao for research contributions in “Electromagnetic counterfeits to gravitational wave sources”.

The awards carry Rs 1,00,000 each and a citation.