Prof. Jan Gehl planning to deliver a keynote address in the conference “Emerging Trends in Urban Mobility”

About the Conference 2020:

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Hardeep S. Puri is organising the 13th Urban Mobility India Conference virtually on 9th November 2020. The theme is “Emerging Trends in Urban Mobility” to address covid-19 challenges to provide accessible transport to the people. Prof. Jan Gehl, renowned Danish Architect, Professor and founder of modern urban planning, and urbanist will be delivering the keynote address.

2019 UMI:

In 2019, 12th UMI conference was held at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow.

Why UMI?

The motive of the UMI is to provide information to the cities’ officials to keep them up-to-date with the latest urban transport practices globally. As transportation is the important component of the urban economy, Urban Mobility India needs policies and conferences to implement the thought of affordable, comfortable, safe, reliable and sustainable access to the residents within the cities.



Contempt of court: What is it?

Ongoing Issue:

CM Jagan Reddy wrote to the CJI S.A. Bobde that Andhra Pradesh HC was indulging into the activities of falling his government elected based on democratic principles. Thereon, a lawyer proposed Attorney General to give his consent on the contempt case against Reddy and his advisor. But the Attorney General has declined the proposal of initiating a contempt case against Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Reddy.

What is contempt law?

Contempt law defines the role of punishing those who disrespect court orders or those who deliver speech lowering the dignity of the court and interference in the administration of justice.

Types of contempt of court:

Civil– willful disobedience of a court order

Criminal– Written or spoken words or any act that lowers the court’s authority or interferes with the judicial proceedings and obstructs the administration of justice


Article 129 and 215

These articles are to empower the Supreme Court and High Court to punish people

Section 10 of The Contempt of Courts Act of 1971:

It tells the High Court to punish contempt of its subordinate courts.



The sharp increase in ammonia levels in the Yamuna


Ammonia levels in the Yamuna river flowing from Haryana into Delhi have reached 3 ppm, six times above the acceptable level of 0.5 parts per million on Thursday.


Ammonia is a colourless gas with a pungent smell which is used as an industrial chemical for the production of plastics, fertilizers, synthetic fibres, and other products.


It occurs naturally from the breakdown of organic waste matter in the environment as lighter than air. Its contamination is possibly due to Industrial effluents or sewage.

Its entry in the Yamuna is due to the effluents from the factories in Panipat and Sonepat districts in Haryana and other sewage from colonies around the river.


Its increased level in water is dangerous for fishes and also for human beings as it damages internal organs.


  1. Delhi is dependent on Haryana for almost 70% of its water.
  2. Haryana’s already existing shortage of water issues
  3. Lack of a minimum ecological flow


  1. Guidelines against dumping harmful waste and sewage into the river.
  2. Maintaining the flow of a minimum amount of water.



The Beauty of Lakshadweep’s Coral Reefs

Scientists working with the NBFGR have marked 4 different species of shrimp that haven’t even been observed in Indian waters until now.

The species has been detected within the coral reef of the Lakshadweep Islands and has been examined since then. The results were released in Zootaxa which is a global peer-reviewed paper.

The creature, Hippolytoid shrimp, was identified at a concentrated depth of 0.5 to 2 metres from the intertidal zone of Agatti Coast of Lakshadweep which is identified as a chain of islands.

It’s T.T. Ajith Kumar, who is the principal scientist at the NBFGR at the ICAR, said that they found the species while explorative reef surveys. The Dept. of Biotechnology has financed the advancement of a germplasm learning centre for marine ornamental invertebrates to ensure sustainability.

Export of the Ornamental Invertebrate:

Ajith, who is a resident of Nagarcoil, who started to work at Annamalai University until 2014, and is actively working at NBFGR, Kochi also explained the export business of ornamental invertebrates.

Kuldeep Kumar Lal who is the director of ICAR said that the finding provided a chance to introduce ornamental fish operations in India in addition to promoting the livelihoods of coastline and island populations. Ever since the NBFGR has obtained and grew 3 species of marine ornamental categories of shrimp.

After March, 20 females from the island have been trained to grow shrimps. The goal is to build hatcheries to provide sustainable income for recipients who might set up raising systems in their back garden.

DBT will also establish marketing networks and connect them explicitly to allow them to market caged reared ornamental shrimps as well as sea anemones, he clarified.

Mansar Lake- The Tourist’s Attraction

Jitendra Singh who is the Union Minister inaugurated the Mansar Lake Plan in Jammu on 1st November, that he said would draw 20 Lakh visitors every year after completion.

The Union Minister for State who is in Independent Charge for the DoNER which is the Development of North Eastern Region said that it was a historic day for the citizens of the area as the Mansar Lake development project was being initiated after a lengthy queue of 70 years.

Talking after the digital foundation stone laying procedure of the Comprehensive Mansar Lake enhancement/development Programme, Singh informed that the no. of national activities executed in the area over the past 6 years is much more than the variety of projects implemented in the past 7 decades.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Phenomenal Beauty

Jammu and Kashmir can become a popular tourism destination and this industry will accommodate a much higher workforce. The UT Government is working on a comprehensive plan for growth and creation of the tourism sector in J&K. With various heritage sites, world-class infrastructure and daring activities, we will attain the name of India’s most favoured tourism destination, the Lt. Governor said.

Jammu and Kashmir have abundant water supplies. The Government is focusing rigorously on the protection and conservation of water bodies in Jammu and Kashmir and is taking extensive steps to conserve their habitats.

Mansar and Surinsar are the most popular tourist destinations visited by the tourists of Jammu. It is near Katra, the Holy City of Mata Vaishno Devi, where more than 1.00 pilgrims from all parts of the world and abroad travel each year.

Mansar is of considerable significance from the perspective of Pilgrimage and also Heritage, despite being one of the most beautiful destinations owing to the massive Mansar Lake along with its wildlife reserve and flora and fauna. The execution of its Rejuvenation/Development Strategy would put Mansar on the global tourist map.



Invest India joins hands with Ministry of AYUSH

As a project partner, M / S Invest India will collaborate closely with the Ministry to develop the Bureau’s work plan and identify its short-and long-term goals. Invest India will deploy highly trained and expert personnel to develop and implement the plans of the Ministry of AYUSH.

Strategy and Facilitation:

The Bureau will get AYUSH devices fit for the future. It will urge the AYUSH Ministry to take strategic and policy steps to initiate the development and investment of the AYUSH industry. Invest India and the Ministry of AYUSH will collectively identify short-and long-term goals. The Bureau will also send specialised specialists to implement and implement the ministry’s plans. The SPFB is of considerable importance at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, which leaves an indelible mark on people’s health-seeking actions around the world.

SPFB Roles:

The SPFB carries out the following tasks and activities:

  • Development and Management of Information
  • Strategic & Policy-Support,
  • State policy Bench Marking-Formulating standard guidance or rules for the AYUSH sector throughout India,
  • Investment Facilitation: -Facilitation of investment cases and MOUs and cooperation between various agencies, entities and States.
  • Include project oversight for Inter-Ministerial Groups and Professional Growth Programs.
  • Establish a Strategic Intelligence Analysis Unit and initiate an Innovation Initiative.

Invest in India:

Invest India seems to be the Central Body for Promotion and Facilitation of Investments. It is a non-profit organisation founded by the DIPP. It’s also affiliated with the FICCI under the MoCI.

Invest India Works:

Invest India illustrates state-specific as well as sector-specific data to international investors and supports Indian investors in providing facts on investment prospects around the globe.

Celebration of International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists

Lately, the International Press Institute (IPI) has reported that the immunity with which offences against journalists are perpetrated continues to grow as governments have refused to prosecute the events.

About International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists:

This is in the run-up to the International Day to End Tolerance for Crimes Against Journalists, that is celebrated internationally on 2nd November each year.

The goal of the day is to foster a safe and encouraging atmosphere for journalists to carry out their work freely and without unnecessary intervention.

In 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 2 November as the International Day to End Tolerance for Crimes Against Journalists.

The date was selected to mourn the killing of 2 French journalists in Mali on 2nd November 2013.

This landmark resolution opposes all threats and acts of violence against journalists as well as media workers.

The need of the Hour:

Crimes against Journalists – Nearly 52 journalists, including two in India, have died as a result of their work since October 2019, of which 24 have been killed in targeted attacks.

Society pays the price-The UN cautioned that when journalists are attacked, society as a whole is paying the price.

  • Without the opportunity to protect journalists, our ability to stay educated and contribute to decision-making is seriously hindered.

A possible way to deter attacks against journalists-In addition to prosecuting offenders, the underlying causes of abuse against journalists and impunity need to be discussed.

  • Journalists are mostly attacked for reporting on politics, corruption and crime, but we need to fix these concerns and shield journalists from violence.

About the Institute of International Press:

  • The Vienna-based IPI is a multinational association devoted to the preservation and defence of freedom of the press and the development of media standards.
  • Formation-
  • Established in October 1950, it has representatives in over 120 countries.
  • The original Secretariat was established in 1951 in Zürich (Switzerland) and was transferred to London in 1976 and next to Vienna in 1992.
  • IPI has consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
  • 2020 is its 70th anniversary.
  • Objectives
  • Promote the requirements that allow journalism to serve its public purpose, the most critical of which is the freedom of the media to act free from interference and without fear of retribution.
  • To protect the independence of the media and the free distribution of news anywhere they are attacked.



Dynamatic Technology Ltd. and the CSIR-CSIO’s joint MOU

Dynamatic Technology Ltd. and the Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIR-CSIO) have made a joint MOU plan, develop and produce future-oriented applications for the defence as well as aerospace, health and agriculture sectors.


The MoU was asked to establish joint activities in the field of research on multi-spectral observation launch systems of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), spraying innovations, like electrostatic strategies for agricultural purposes utilizing UAS, ventilation and breathing equipment and homeland protection equipment, it said.

About Dynamitic:

Dynamatic has 3 design labs in India and Europe and is a top Pvt. R&D company with various inventions as well as patents to its credit. Besides, the organisation maintains and runs a specialized metrology facility, a material science laboratory as well as a study farm. The business and its subsidiaries hire about 65 scientists including 650 engineers with experience in mechanical engineering, specialized computer-aided engineering, materials as well as metallurgical engineering, including fluid dynamics and military & aerospace science.