From the Founder

Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan

President & Founder

In a country with a population of 1.5 billion, the Armed Forces are still struggling to get the right people to join the officers’ cadre. Isn’t that ironical? Having been a part of the recruitment system in the Services Selection Board (2008- 2011) and based on my experience of inspiring and coaching students to be a part of the Armed Forces for seven years, I gathered a great deal of insight. It is this insight which compelled me to author a book titled SSB Interview: The Complete Guide which in the last 7 years touched the lives of more than a hundred thousand aspirants. Encouraged by this success, I produced a 17 hours power packed video lectures series which within a short span of 18 months has reached several thousand aspirants. As a logical extension of my mission, I decided to start a full-fledged academy at Nagpur which will be unique in several ways and will be driven by the mission instead of commercials. The campus will be spread out in 110 acres of lush green land with teaching -learning features that are unparalleled in the country. During the stay in the campus, the aspirants will not only learn the subject matter but will live life of a defence officer and go through all the rigors and adventures which will shape their personality completely. I hope with this initiative, I will reach closer to my mission and set a benchmark that will be beyond comparison in decades to come. I hope the defence aspirants will make full use of the facility and fulfill their dreams of serving the motherland!


Our Training Philosophy

Unlike other institutes, AFPA Nagpur is driven by its mission of creating success stories of candidates finally joining the armed/paramilitary forces. Our philosophy revolves around bringing in permanent change in the personality of the candidate instead of bringing in temporary behavioral modifications. And to achieve this, the institute will provide not only classroom instructions but a wide array of activities both indoor and outdoor and get a glimpse of life in the Armed Forces in the true sense. We believe in continuous learning till the mission is accomplished and towards this the institute will provide online support with weekly assessments using world class E – Learning System. In addition, they will have round the year faculty support online to resolve any doubts even after they leave post completion of the course.

History of AFPA

Though, the history for AFPA Nagpur is yet to be made, the founder has made history already through his text and video publications and his unwavering commitment to help aspirants accomplish their dreams.

It is this spirit of the founder which will create history of AFPA Nagpur in the coming years. His vision of creating this institute is so unique that history will be forced to make itself.


The campus is located 45 kms away from the city of Nagpur and is surrounded by hills, forests and river, making it ideal for military training. It includes state of the art classrooms, library with WIFI Connections, a decent twin sharing hostel separate for boys and girls with attached toilets, dining space, Complete Group Testing Infrastructure and host of Adventure Activities such as Wall Climbing, Rappelling, River Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Para Sailing, Swimming etc. The campus also includes sports fields for participation in outdoor sports and host of other indoor sports facility and an audio visual room.

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