English for the SSB Interview :

Fluent English is not the deciding factor for your selection in Armed forces of India. There are several candidates who get selected even when they can’t speak English precisely. Thought process and your personality are two major factors here, as they cannot be changed in such short period of time. However, candidates that cannot speak English can certainly learn it within 2 months of time.

Most of the candidates attempting for SSB interview will speak in English. Hence, you should too. It adds some weight to your personality and also boosts your confidence! Candidates willing to do so, must take it seriously and start preparing way before date of interview.

Following tips will assist you in honing your English speaking skills:

Read, Read and then Read some more!

Read novels, books or other such writing materials so as to learn new words and broaden your vocabulary. Furthermore, you will also know how to structure different sentences.

Always keep an English dictionary handy to check meanings of these newly learned words. You can even write it down to revise later.

Besides, reading also improves your concentration span and imagination power.

Go grab that English Newspaper:

Still prefer reading newspapers of your local language? Drop that and pick up an English newspaper. Apart from this, you could also watch English movies and News with English subtitles to listen to their pronunciation and work on your own for the same.

Listen and Impersonate:

This is by far the most effective ways to hone your English linguistic skills. Listen to all those fancy phrases from movies and television series and then impersonate them. You can also listen to interviews of celebrities. Overall, this will help you to grasp and learn some famous proverbs and phrases within short span. Apart from this, listening and imitating will also train you in improving your style and tone of speaking.

Now comes the important part, use these learned phrases and proverbs in your daily life to imprint them on your mind effectively. After a while, these words will just come naturally in your speech.

Practice Public Speaking:

Even if you have good command over English language, it’s really useless if you are unable to put across your opinions. Learning English language and stage daring goes hand in hand!

Speaking in front of bunch of people must come natural to you. But that needs practice. When you actually get selected, almost all things that come after involves “speaking” or “interacting” fearlessly with officers, seniors and even juniors.

So to get rid of that “stage fear”, you need to actively participate in public speaking events. Just go up there and speak up! Eventually, you will get used to it and become more fluent with this type of interaction sessions.

Lastly, just start speaking already!

No matter what routine you follow or how much you learn, you cannot truly be fluent in English if you don’t speak it more often! Start speaking! Talk with your friends and family in English. More you speak, more fluent you will become.

Likewise, do not underestimate the power of mirror speaking! Some of you might find this advice to be illogical. But it works like a charm! Observe yourself while speaking in the mirror and work on your expressions, tone, pitch, pronunciation and style of speech altogether. Indeed, it proves to be very effective!