Recently, I had a conversation with a young SSB candidate who has failed twice in SSB interview. He has been following my videos for a good amount of time now, but he has been having issues in cracking SSB. From the talk, what he told me is that Psych tests and PI went pretty well but he had some issues with GTO Tasks, especially Individual Obstacle and GD.

He could cross 7 obstacles, but was not able to do Obstacle no. 8 (Double ditch), Obstacle no.9 (Commando walk) and Obstacle no. 10 (Tiger Leap). What will be the mapping by GTO? Let’s find out.


This young candidate did not really prepare for GTO tasks during pre-interview period. Meaning, to perform well in Individual Obstacle, one needs to be physically and mentally fit. That does not mean you need to build a body. NO. Rather, candidates need to dedicate some amount of time for activities like running or basic exercises in order to be active and energetic during GTO tasks. Or else, you might drain out pretty quickly.

  • At obstacle no. 8 (Double Ditch), he was not able to jump. So he left it incomplete.
  • When he was on Obstacle No. 9 (Commando walk), he was able to climb up the ladder and cross the ramp, but since the victory stand is at its peak height, he intuitively touched the red sides for support. He broke the rule and showcased lack of courage.
  • When he came to the Tiger Leap Obstacle, he was hesitant to go in for the rope and just stopped. He tried to go for it again but lost balance.

Seeing these 3 cases, we see that he has deficiency in one of the main OLQs looked-for in an Officer viz. Courage.

  • During Group Discussion, he waited a long time before speaking up his views. Although he gave 3-4 points. This again confirmed his deficiency of courage.

During Conference round, assessor asked him what was the most difficult section till now, to which he said it was Individual Obstacles and GD.

  • Know that, there’s a reason why such questions are posed to you during Conference. Assessors want to confirm the personality traits mapped by GTO. Even if you do well in PI and Psych tests, you will be marked as ‘angularity’ if GTO sees any of the main OLQs lacking in you. In this case, it was

What does ‘angularity’ in candidate’s personality mean? It means there cannot be any discussion amongst assessors regarding this candidate for recommendation.

Core OLQs are ‘must-haves’ in every candidate. Why? Because such OLQs cannot be forced in you, they need to be naturally present. Training for such OLQs has limitations to it and there’s no guarantee of improvement in the candidate.

Physical and mental courage are best showcased during Individual Obstacles and if the GTO spots extreme lack of courage, the candidate is likely to be dropped.


All candidates must go through some kind of obstacles and check if they lack courage. Try jumping over a ditch or going on a tall double platform and take a jump to see if have fear of heights. If you do, then you might be considered unfit and not get recommended for Defence services.