Dear Aspirants, DR (CDR) NK NATARAJAN here. Recently, I came across several cases where candidates after long years of hard work and intense preparation, clear their SSB but unfortunately end up failing in the SSB Medicals. This is completely heart-breaking.

Last year, we had a candidate named Animesh Hole from Satara, who had struggled his way up having studied in vernacular language, did his graduation and came up for CDS Entry. Though he was rustic, he had put in a lot of effort and cleared the SSB in his very first attempt. But, unfortunately, he was declared permanently unfit in medicals because he had calcification in his liver which was more than the permissible limit.

There was another case by the name of Avinash Yadav, who was a student of Sainik School Ghodakhal. He could not make it in the NDA/TES but was a hard-core defence aspirant. After his graduation, he tried for OTA and finally cleared the SSB in his 7th attempt. But, he was declared unfit because he had renal calculi. He had to run around and get an endoscopic surgery done. Finally, he was declared fit.

There’s yet another case, by the name, Mudaseer L Akki. After clearing his SSB for JAG entry, he was declared medically unfit for Fatty Liver Grade II. The most disheartening thing of all was a case by the name Pranit. He was a student of Sainik school Korkunda and declared unfit for all the three services after having cleared the SSB in his very first attempt for an anomaly in his spinal cord. This boy lived with a dream of joining the forces for 7 years and was an excellent candidate. Unfortunately, he had to go through this situation in the end.

I have even come across cases where a candidate after having done well in his 12th went on to pursue graduation in humanities. He wanted to crack the CDS Examination one year earlier than the engineer graduates. But, even after clearing the written examination and the SSB, he got permanently rejected in medicals. Consequently, he ruined his career forever. Had he known his medical condition early, he could have well-pursued his engineering and got into an alternative employment.  

The medical examination is the last step of this intense competitive process. Hence, there’s a need to obviate any chances of it letting you down before the onset of the entire process. This will prevent heartbreaks by surprise being sprung during the medicals.         

I was pondering over this for several months in an attempt to eliminate this easily avoidable obstacle with little planning and preparation. I sincerely wanted to address this issue as AFPA has started a program by the name MISSION NDA where boys after 10th are being inducted to prepare for the NDA Examination simultaneously with their board curriculum.

Seeing such rampant medical rejections which is almost 30 percent of the recommended candidates today, I wanted to be sure that these young boys do not meet with the same fate like others. But the real challenge is there’s no way that one could get the desired medical parameters which could guide a normal civilian doctor to screen these cases.


However, after a long hunt for a solution, I came across a Whatsapp group of retired medical officers of the armed forces living in Nagpur and started engaging with them to find a solution for this critical aspect. I wanted it to go a long way in identifying temporary medical rejection cases and initiate timely measures to eradicate the problem.

As a result, the aspirants don’t have to go through the anxious moments post recommendation at the SSB and identify the cases of permanent rejection to make an informed career decision early.

I was indeed very fortunate to be able to identify a group of specialists who are conversant with the medical parameters of the defence forces and were willing to contribute for this social cause. But, not all of them were actively practicing and had the diagnostic facilities available with them.

While they were willing to screen these cases and suggest remedial measures, they wanted the diagnostic to be done from external agencies. But, we all know that the diagnostic services are quite expensive today. So, the next challenge was to identify an institution which could provide these services for a reasonable rate. This led me to a charitable institution that runs a medical college with all the facilities available with them. I could finally strike a deal where they were graciously willing to extend all the diagnostic services at a very reasonable rate.

As a start, AFPA has decided to provide this as a FREE service to all the students who come to us for any of our courses including the SSB Coaching. AFPA takes care of all the expenses related to diagnostic and consultation. However, in complex cases, requiring any additional diagnostics such as CT scan, MRI, 2D Doppler etc. the expenses will have to be borne by the aspirants.

Alternatively, they can do further evaluation anywhere else on their own. Any subsequent treatment/medication will also have to be borne by the aspirants.

As far as I know, no coaching centre in the country offers this service. As usual, AFPA is yet again initiated which will serve the defence aspirants and the society significantly. I am sure this will help the aspirants the most.

This value addition is unique to AFPA and will go a long way to fulfill an aspirant’s cherished dreams.

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