How To Answer Personal Interview Questions In SSB?

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the SSB interview, to which many candidates are left wondering what exactly they should speak about? However, when compared to other defense interviews SSB is quite different. By having this simple conversation with the candidate, the officer looks forward to having an insight of the past, present, and future of the candidate. Due to this, when responding to this question, regarding themselves, the candidate should have the ability to answer wisely and cover a particular area.

Best Way To Answer the personal interview questions in ssb interview

1. You should start answering this question with the basic introduction of yourself. Do not start with your name, because they obviously know it, you should speak about where you’re from, your family including your siblings if you have any, your education and current occupation for instance.

2. The basic introduction about yourself should not be too lengthy, talk about what we mentioned before but to a summarized length. The maximum amount of time you take to answer this question should be approximately 90 seconds. You should ensure that you cover the important information about you and your answer is not boring the officer who is conducting the interview.

3. Following that, the next most important thing you should talk about is the achievements in your life, whether it is simple ones or major ones, it will definitely play a part in getting you selected. Furthermore, you could also talk about the unique skills and positive qualities you possess.

4. When you end this question, the best thing to talk about is what you are currently doing, your occupation for instance. Conclude your answer by speaking about what you are looking forward to achieving in the future.?

5. You should ensure that you do not speak about matters which you deem are not important for this interview. You should not talk about your failures or what you lack in your life. You definitely would have some shortcomings and would have faced some failures in life, but speak of them only when you are questioned specifically, but not as an answer to this question. Do not forget that a single slip of your tongue would take you away from your aim. Choose your words thoughtfully and do not lie as it won’t take a second for the officer to detect a lie, and if you are caught red-handed, you will lose the opportunity to get selected.


  • As mentioned above, do not take too much of your time, praising yourself, talk up to the point and not too much.
  • This question is asked by the officer, just to check how you express yourself, the way you think and the confidence level you have, so choose to answer carefully.
  • Speak about few important details, that would definitely spark the interest of the officer in learning more about you.
  • Speak words that will make the officer feel that you are a great fit for the position.


Good Luck Gentlemen!!!