Home quarantine not required for SSB Bengaluru Interview

SSB is all set to conduct the interviews in Bengaluru from 31st July onwards. Candidates from across the country are going to appear for the SSB interview in Bengaluru. However, there are certain rules that need to be followed by the candidates.

Since the current government policy asks inter-state travelers to follow a home quarantine for 14 days. Therefore, the candidates demanded clarity on whether they need to come 14 days prior to the interview date and quarantine at their own cost.

The office Twitter handle of Home Quarantine in Bengaluru Urban Region clarified their doubts. The SSB candidates do not have to follow a 14 days home quarantine.

The candidates coming for SSB interviews will be treated as business travelers. But they need to have a COVID-19 negative certificate with them. These candidates are subjected to the condition that they shall stay inside the SSB campus only. Any violation of these rules will lead to Institutional quarantine.

For the interviews, the candidates are suggested to report at the BRCs (Border Receiving Centres), at the airport or railway station or bus terminus. They are special business travelers who are coming for the SSB interview carrying the SSB call letter along. They will be allowed to head towards the SSB campus with a ‘Quarantine stamp’ along with the initials of ‘SSB’.

These clarifications resolved the queries of the SSB candidates for the upcoming Bengaluru interviews.