AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) is the most significant and crucial interview process, which you need to prepare for seriously. Recruiters check for Officer Like Qualities such as optimistic attitude, leadership, courage, team spirit, logical reasoning and many more.

Whole interview procedure is truly a psychological evaluation of your personality traits to determine whether you are suitable to be an officer in IAF or not.

Even a candidate with average IQ can clear AFSB, but only with good preparation. Following article will shed light on how to prepare for AFSB in minimum span of 30 days.

Hone up your GK and current affairs:

Read books on General Knowledge to improve your IQ level. If you already read newspaper regularly, you will be pretty much updated about current affairs. But if not, you need to go through main national and international news of last year. No need to go into details, but general information about these things is a must.

Working on your Logical Reasoning and Vocabulary:

Perfecting your vocabulary is not really achievable within just one month, especially if you are weak in English. Just try to read Synonyms and Antonyms of as many words as you can and review them regularly. You can even watch videos to grasp new words quickly.

OIR (Officer Intelligent Rank) test is all about Verbal/Non-Verbal reasoning tests.

  • You need to thoroughly prepare for questions on series completion, placement of dots, figure embedded, Venn diagrams, odd figure out, etc.
  • Give Online Mock tests to know the pattern and complexity of these tests. And, prepare accordingly.

You need to prepare very well for these Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning section to score well.

Practice Story Writing:

During Picture Perception Test, you are expected to write a story of about 70 words in just 4 minutes of time. Take online mock tests for this as well and practice story writing within given time frame.

Now comes the hard part, Discussion Test. The whole process of story writing and then discussing is termed as PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test). After narrating your stories individually, you need to start Group Discussion and conclude a common story altogether.

  • To score well in PPDT, one needs to be confident and hone up their communication skills, body language, posture, stage daring, initiative and influencing abilities.
  • During the preparation period, you can conduct GDs with your friends and practice speaking in front of a mirror to gain courage.

Keep yourself Physically fit:

Group Planning exercises, Individual Obstacles, Group Obstacles Race, etc. require you to be physically fit. While prepping up for AFSB interview, you also need to perform basic exercises to develop stamina and endurance level. For that, you can go for running or play some outdoor sports like football, cricket, etc. to not only be more active  but also develop team spirit and cooperative abilities.

Self-assessment is the key:

One of the main reasons that candidates do not clear AFSB interview is due to lack of self-evaluation. You need to know everything about your own likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, etc. without much doubt.

  • If you do not perform self-assessment, how do expect yourself to grow and improve?
  • Ask your friends and family about what they think of you and write it all down.
  • Your honesty, mindset and how you perceive things in life, will all be analyzed during Psychological tests and Personal Interview.
  • Hence, during this span of 30 days, perform self-analysis and work on your deficiencies.

To cover all of these things within a period of 30 days, you need to make a systematic schedule and stick to it sincerely.