Out of GTO, Psychology and Personal Interview, which one is more important and carries more marks weightage? I am sure many SSB aspirants have this question in their mind at least once whilst preparing for SSB interview.

There’s no one-line answer to that question. Below I have explained it in detail:

Understand the Nature of SSB:

Service Selection Board is comprehensively designed by deep and advanced research institutes that work solely for such crucial purposes in India.

One cannot really predict the recommendation process and judge the selected/rejected candidates based on their own psychology.

Apart from a screening test, SSB Interview has 3 main Stages:

Stage I:

Psychological Test, meaning your thinking approach (test of subconscious mind)

Stage II:

Personal Interview, meaning what you speak (test of subconscious mind)

Stage III:

Group Tasks, meaning what you do (test of conscious mind)

The results of all of these Stages should match with each other and confirm your OLQs (Officer Like Qualities).

  • You really have no chance of lying or faking your personality because you are tested from 3 different angles i.e., intelligence, dynamic and sociability.
  • Mismatch of PI and GTO is one of the main reasons for getting rejected. If you talk nonsense, boast about having OLQs and if the GTO cannot really spot any of those qualities in you, that’s the end for you.

Some Facts about Personal Interview:

  • The time spent over Personal Interview does not determine one’s success. Some students get recommended with just 10 minutes of PI. Some others get rejected even with 2 hours of PI. Only the IO has certain skills and knowledge of assessing candidates and their personality; they are highly trained for the process. So, just be yourself and fill up your PIQ form smartly and honestly.

Some Facts about GTOs:

  • Likewise, performing well in just Group Tasks does not mean you will be recommended because GTs are just a means to check your qualities.
  • Individual success is not really important in group tasks. Rather candidate is expected to perform well and prove himself/herself as a significant team member of the group. Even if the group does not do well, it’s all about how a certain candidate reacts to a situation.

How to act during GDs?

  • Providing good points in Group discussions means that you are well-versed with the subject. But is that enough? Certainly not. You should NEVER dominate, yell or become aggressive during GDs. Stay calm, have a strong body language and listen to others.
  • Talking too much reflects that you are dominating, rather than social. Also, remaining too quiet determines your poor social skills. So try to strike a balance and add value to the discussion.

Marks weightage for GTO, Psychological Test and PI:

  • Each stage has equal weightage of marks. Total marks of SSB interview is 900. Out of which, 225 marks are occupied by board conference. Now remaining 675 marks are divided such that- 225 marks for GTO, 225 marks for Psychological Test, 225 marks for PI.
  • Conference marks mentioned above are further divided into 3 sections, in which Interviewing Officer has somewhat greater share.
  • You don’t really have to pass in all of the 3 techniques- PI, GTO and Psychological test to get recommended. Very few candidates actually pass all the 3 techniques, most of them clear 2 or some very few manage to clear just one technique and still get recommended (by mutual decision in board conference).
  • Some candidates might clear all the 3 techniques, and still get rejected in conference round due to wrong answers provided in the same.

Finally, I would say that prepare very well for PI and Psychological test to score well in them. Also, prepare enough to pass GTO (you will be fine with borderline marks as well). To conclude, out of PI, GTO and PSYCHO- none of them are too important nor too insignificant.

Just give your best in all the 3 techniques. Even if you are not satisfied with your performance in any 1 test/technique, don’t worry. No matter what, just don’t give up in the middle, and do your best till the end.